Job Title:

Technical Specialist


Wicked Interactive Ltd.


North York , ON

Are you an expert with all things technology? Would you like to apply your skill set towards MMO games and their operations?


Wicked Interactive publishes MMO games though and is looking to invite an individual to manage technical aspects of the company and an opportunity to excel in the MMO game industry.


If you'd like to contribute to this exciting industry and think you've got what it takes, apply for the Technical Specialist role overseeing our facilities in Toronto. You can apply by submitting your resume and CV to:


This position is currently remote with some tasks requiring physical presence in Toronto.

Job Description

  • Special Projects and Developments (35%)

    • Demonstrate willingness to learn all aspects of technical systems
    • Create and develop for new special projects or add-ons/upgrades to existing projects.
    • Implement, test, and maintain libraries for shared or useful functions
    • Design, provision, and create new environments for new games or other projects
    • Support decisions with research, reasoning, compare options, and make recommendations based on pros and cons
    • Maintain thorough understanding of security and latest risk trends
    • Collaborate with team members, support team, and game developers to solve problems or issues
  • Consultation (25%)

    • Diagnose issues from technical perspective to resolve an issue and create workaround solution or escalate to respective developers
    • Investigate and solve problems from user reports leveraging strengths of team members
    • Attack problems using logical, systemic, and sequential approach
    • Ensure technical infrastructure is delivering and fulfilling requirements
    • Determine reasonable time frames for tasks and identify risks that can jeopardize the time frame
  • Server Administration and Game Updates (15%)

    • Monitor, install, or update game server software
    • Review updates for technical quality and changes to technical demands
    • Manage network, server, and other technical infrastructure
    • Maintain a stable and secure infrastructure
    • Update and keep relevant documentation
  • Tech Leadership (10%)

    • Embody technology as a means to solve business problems
    • Think ahead to how technology can improve the organization
    • Promote operational benefits through the use of technology and craft new ways to make things more efficient
    • Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with any company technology, where possible, and as required
    • Predict technology costs and anticipate technology budget
    • Incorporate feedback from team members and other organizational groups
  • Mentoring (10%)

    • Be mentor and coach to other team members
    • Review work produced by team members
    • Manage load and team morale
    • View the team's success as your success
  • Enterprise Backup Administration (5%)

    • Design coverage and ensure functioning of backup and recovery plan together with Managed Services Provider.
    • Be on lookout for signs of failures of backups systems
    • Learn, develop, and implement best practices
    • Be cautious and test recovery scenarios and options
    • Anticipate future backup needs and storage requirements

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience and understanding
  • Experience with web/software development or system/network administration
  • Strong understanding of client/server systems
  • Strong understanding of network architecture and applications
  • Strong understanding of web sites and web technologies
  • Comfortable learning and taking ownership of all aspects of technical systems
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Understand the strategic importance and the big picture of your decisions
  • Willingness to work with many disciplines: application development, network management, technical architecture, database management, operations, backups and disaster recovery, and information security
  • Experience with:
    • Hyper-V or other virtualization solution
    • Microsoft SQL, MySQL, or other relational database system
    • Web-related technologies including ASP.NET/C#, HTML, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS
    • Computer/server hardware and remote control/management technologies
    • Web services an asset
    • CDNs and HTTP cache an asset
    • SEO an asset
  • Exposure to diverse technologies and environments an asset
  • Proficient analyzing network traffic using WireShark, Fiddler, etc.
  • Open to new ideas and new ways to do things
  • Can work in harmony with others in a team in person or remotely


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:


Posted 2021-08-27

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