Job Title:

Hardware Designer


High Tech Genesis


Montreal, QC

Job Reference:

ID# 65LE1006HD

Closing Date:

December 15, 2020

We are looking for a Hardware Designer to create new features and products.

Are you a Hardware Designer? Do you enjoy designing products? Do you know how to troubleshoot/debug a circuit or a chip? Can you rhyme off chip numbers off the top of your head like they were yesterdays news? Do you know how to use a probe? Can you design boards? Circuits? Evaluate chips, FPGA?s, DSP?s? Does ARM mean more to you than an appendage attached to your body? ? Have you ever performed a power audit? Setup equipment for environmental chamber testing? Have you ever created a formal structured hardware design?

Well then?We want to speak with you!

Must have:

  • 5+ years designing and analyzing circuits;
  • skilled in working on/with FPGA?s, and DSP?s;
  • experience with ARM processors;
  • hands-on experience working with and changing board bring-up processes;
  • capable of working with High Speed Interfaces;
  • experience with interfaces including RS232, RS422, RS485, and/or I2C;
  • expertise with JTAG;
  • experience with hardware design software including DxDesigner and/or Altium products;
  • solid understanding with Sony IMX, BT.656 and/or HDMI;
  • knowledgeable as the go-to person for hardware issues;
  • excellent written/verbal communications skills;
  • expertise in working in an Agile environment; 
  • great understanding of and comfortable working with MS Office;
  • bilingual is an asset.

Note 1: You MUST be legally entitled to work in Canada (i.e. possess Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Valid Work Permit)

Note 2: High Tech Genesis Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Note 3: Accommodations are available upon request for all aspects of the hiring process.


Please forward a MS Word version of your resume to:

Quote Job Reference: ID# 65LE1006HD

Posted 2020-11-18

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