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Online English, International Baccalaureate (IB), AP and College Level Biology, Chemistry, Math & Physics Tutor


Helppo Inc


Online Remote, Multiple Canadian Locations

Online English, International Baccalaureate (IB), AP and College Level Biology, Chemistry, Math & Physics Tutor

What is Helppo?

Helppo is an online, on-demand tutoring site where students can get help - whenever, wherever.  Through virtual whiteboards, online text editing similar to Google Docs, and interactive video-conferencing similar to Skype, students can connect to expert tutors worldwide. Tutors set their desired hourly rate between 25 to 45 Canadian an hour and have complete control of their schedule. There is nothing better than making money from the comfort of home!

Why Work for Helppo as an Online Tutor?

It’s a great opportunity for graduate students, teachers, or anyone else with the expertise to supplement their income. Unlike other tutoring services, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, set your own pay scale and work from the comfort of your own home.  Helppo pays tutors via their Stripe Connect integration, which allows tutors to get paid on a weekly basis! 

We are looking for International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and College Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Physics teachers. If you are a native English speaker or can speak English at a full working professional level you are qualified to apply. If you can also speak some Mandarin and/or Cantonese that would be most welcome.

What we do:

Helppo features a tutor-to-students matchmaking functionality, connecting you with clients most befitting both your expertise and schedule. You can work from the comfort of home or at your office remotely through an online video conference system with an online whiteboard, eliminating the need to install any software.  We also handle all transactions and provide easy online scheduling, so you can focus on educating and building your reputation as a tutor. While tutors set their own rates, Helppo assists tutors by suggesting rates commensurate with their experience.

In addition, we are looking for tutors to create course materials, written articles, and exercises on pre-approved topics to be turned into video tutorials. When possible, we also ask tutors to record their own video lectures, payment for which is worked out on an individual basis. 

How we pay:

Payment is based on an hourly rate that the tutors themselves can set based on their experience and qualifications.  Helppo takes 30 percent as a commission to cover software development, marketing, administrative and other logistic costs.

Qualities of a Great Tutor:

  • Outgoing, encouraging, and patient.
  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited 4-year college/university.
  • Teaching certificates encouraged, but not needed
  • Ability to work with international students of all ages

Tutors Must:

  • Be willing and able to pass a competency assessment test in their area of expertise.
  • Provide a digital copy of all transcripts and graduation certificates to verify their degree(s)
  • Pass a thorough background check upon request.
  • Possess at least intermediate computer skills in order to conduct online tutoring sessions.
  • Upon acceptance by Helppo, all tutors are highly encouraged to create a 30 to 60-second introduction video. Tutors are paid a fixed price for the creation of their introduction video.

Required Equipment:

  • Up-to-date laptop or desktop computer with a camera. Digital writing pad or Touchscreen device, preferably with a stylus, and high-quality headphones with microphone is recommended,  
  • Reliable internet service
  • Professional looking and quiet home office or space in which to conduct live sessions


  • Conducting one-on-one tutoring sessions professionally, including communicating and attending sessions in a timely manner.
  • Upon completion of a session, ensuring that all students have a greater knowledge and understanding of the questions and problems for which they were seeking help.
  • Providing a positive learning experience.


Please forward your cover letter, resume, and desired hourly rate to:

In your cover letter please be sure to tell us what your areas of expertise are, why you think you would be an excellent tutor for Helppo, and what qualities your previous students have valued the most about your tutoring.

If your submission fits the criteria, then we will schedule a google hangout/skype interview with you within 24 hours.

Our team will offer a demo session with the recommended software before tutoring any students.

Alternatively, feel free to sign up and drop off your resume on our website,

We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted 2020-03-17

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