Job Title:

Curtain Wall Glazier


Edlajdo Construction Ltd.


Mississauga, ON

Job Description

Curtain Wall Glazier (stick and unitized systems), with expertise in:

  • reading assembly drawings for window frame installation;
  • reading drawings/instructions for hardware installation (joints; setting blocks; pressure plates; assembly fasteners);
  • on site assembly of aluminum frames using either shear block or screw spline construction;
  • on site fabrication (i.e. cutting of aluminum frame to site conditions);
  • preparing window openings, including installing angles, waterproof membranes and flashing;
  • installing aluminum frames;
  • attaching glass infill to aluminum frame using: pressure plates; structural silicone glazing; or bolted connections;
  • finishing of aluminum trim and aluminum frame head channels;
  • carefully handling, inspecting and installing gaskets to seal: the glass infill along the frame; corner joints; and extrusions;
  • attaching snap caps on pressure plates and exposed fasteners;
  • cleaning, priming and sealing surfaces, including joints, to specification to protect against water and air inflows using wet sealants, strips and back rods;
  • installing interlocking unitized curtain wall frame members, including by: managing ground and/or inside crews in hoisting and installing glass infills in unitized curtain wall systems; inspecting and adjusting the installed unitized unit for elevation/alignment; installing fire safing between the curtain wall unit and the face of the floor slab; applying interior finishes according to specifications; and installing overhead and fall-protection system;
  • maintaining and repairing existing curtain wall systems;
  • installing entry doors;
  • operating a cherry picker;
  • setting up and using swing stages in inspecting existing curtain walls and replacing glass, sealants, gaskets, as needed; and
  • onsite training and supervising of workers, as required.


Minimum 4 years experience; WHIMIS Certificate; completion of Ontario's Working at Heights Training Program (or equivalent); completion of an apprenticeship program; and training in the operation of mobile boom crane.

Ability to: travel to job sites; work outside and lift heavy materials; work at considerable heights; use levels, protractors, tape measures and mitring gauges; and have a strong work ethic and commitment to meeting deadlines.

Salary: $32 to $34 per hour (depending on experience); full time (40 hours a week);

Benefits: performance bonuses

3213 Constitution Blvd., Mississauga, ON L4Y 2Z1


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:


Posted 2019-06-24

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