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How Employers Can Target Summer Students
By Sara Parent

If you have some summer positions available and you are looking for students to fill them, here are some suggestions on how to reach them.

Advertise It:

If the job is for students, make sure they know. Put it in the job description or the title. Often, students are hesitant to apply for a job if it isn't clear that it's for students. They plan on working only for the summer and many won't consider applying if it's going to leave the employer in a lurch come fall, or if they will be expected to continue during the school year.

Reach Students:

Most university and college campuses have newspapers or student employment offices. If you are looking for a student, consider putting an ad there. Rates are affordable (if not free) and you'll likely get a good response rate as many students look for jobs while they are finishing up their school year. Remember that most university students finish courses in the spring, while high school students usually finish towards the end of June.

Give Them The Critical Info:

Stefany, a university student in Ottawa, says that when she's looking at job ads, she wants to know the pay, the location (as precise as possible), where to apply, if it's part/full time, and if it's a student job.

Most students need a summer job, so one of the most critical factors for them when applying for a job is the rate of pay. Help students by putting the wage in your job posting. Many students won't bother to apply if they don't know the wage. They'll move on to the next ad.

Another major requirement students need to know is the location. Is it on a major bus route or do they need their own transportation?

Also, don't forget to include how many hours per week. They need to know this to determine if they'll need a second job to get the money they need for the fall.

Describe The Perks:

If the job is interesting or there are perks attached, let them know. Students that have to spend their summer vacation working will certainly be looking for ways to have fun and enjoy working. If yours fits the bill, let them know.

Knowing your audience is the best way to get the response you want. Students looking for summer work need to know critical things like wage, location, and that the opportunity exists for them as a student. Tell them what they need to know and it should help attract the best possible responses to your job ad.

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