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Want to get all of your jobs before our thousands of daily visitors quickly and easily?

Send us your complete database of jobs through an XML feed. We will retrieve the feed regularly to have your most up-to-date jobs added to the site.

Please note: Postings sent through this method are not yet added to the site. We are adding your feeds and are in the testing stages. Until you receive a confirmation, please continue to post your positions through the online form. We will inform you when your positions are online through the feed.

It's completely free!

There is no charge to post positions on We offer equal weight for all employers and postings: We do not charge for clicks to your jobs.

As such, our job results are based on what the candidate is looking for, and bring back results most likely to suit the candidate, which, in turn, helps you atract the best people for the job... at absolutely no cost.

Best Practices

Postings must be for salaried or hourly waged positions. We do not accept posts for business opportunities or strictly-commission based / freelance types of job postings. We only index the highest quality feeds and jobs. Please only submit positions located in Canada. Do not spam the index by adding keywords, etc. We give priority to feeds with well formatted jobs (proper capitalization/not all capital letters).

Our XML Schema

We've kept our schema simple and easy to implement. Please check back here regularly as we will be adding new fields to what we are indexing. Please enclose your content in <![CDATA[...]]> tags to reduce errors.

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id: (required) Must be unique, such as a reference number or posting number.
publisher: For job boards, please enter your job board's name. Employers who post directly can leave this blank.
employer: (required) Your company name.
jobtitle: (required) Please include only the job title, with no reference numbers or marketing messages (ie. please do not add "Looking for...", etc.)
jobdescription: (required) Text of the job posting (requirements/skills/experience).
city: (required)
province: Please use the two letter abbreviation.
joburl: (required) Unique URL with job details. Must point directly to the job details page for the position.
dateposted: Date the job was originally posted. Please use RFC-822 format (the standard format for RSS feeds ie. "Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:00:00 GMT")
category: One main category for the posting.
category2: Secondary category if applicable.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <publisher><![CDATA[Some Job Board]]></publisher>
    <employer><![CDATA[LLL Company Inc.]]></employer>
    <jobdescription><![CDATA[We are one of Canada's largest employers and
    looking to add to our team. If you have at least 5 years ...

    ...Salary is negotiable, and we are looking to fill this
    position as soon as possible.]]></jobdescription>
    <dateposted><![CDATA[Wed, 04 Feb 2008 13:00:00 GMT]]></dateadded>

That's it!

As soon as your feed is ready, please submit it to us...

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