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Thank you for considering as part of your online recruitment strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for employers looking to post a position on

Why choose
We focus exclusively on the Canadian job market. We are a Canadian-owned business, located in Canada.

A posting on can mean the difference between finding a qualified candidate or not finding one at all. Hundreds of sites have chosen to link to us.

What is the cost to post a job?
There is no charge to post jobs on

How do I post a job?
It's easy. Visit our Employers page to order postings. Fill out the form and you're done!

How long will it take before my job is posted online?
Postings are usually processed in 1-5 business days.

Can be useful to me if our business is located outside a major city?
Candidates who visit the site are located throughout Canada. Whether your company is in Toronto or Vancouver, or in a smaller city or town, you are likely to find candidates who will be interested in your employment opportunity. Many of our candidates are in the Western and Eastern provinces, often waiting for the right opportunity in their location.

Do you have unlimited postings accounts?
No. We no longer offer unlimited postings accounts.

How many candidates use
Thousands of visitors head to each day to find job opportunities posted by our clients.

How is the quality of candidates on
Users who visit the site have skills at all levels, ranging from recent grads to senior managers with decades of experience in their field.

How long are postings online?
Individual postings are online for up to 60 days. You can specify an earlier end date if you wish.

How do I increase my chances of getting good candidates when recruiting online?
Always make sure your posting explains what the position entails, and what experience is required. Ensure that it is clear to candidates how to apply for the position. Listing more ways to apply often increases results (for example, Mail, E-mail and Fax).

Can I post an International/overseas positions?
Yes, we do receive occasional international postings. They need to be targeted at the Canadian job seeker.

Can I post a business opportunity?
No. We do not accept business opportunity postings.

Do clients post again?
Yes. We have a high number of repeat clients, ranging from individual recruiters to major corporations. You'll recognize the names of many of our clients.

I want applicants to apply only by e-mail. How do I specify that?
Simply include the information in the Comments field. Our staff will include only the e-mail address (or whatever preference you have) when your posting is processed.

Do you accept postings from recruiters?
Yes. We welcome postings from companies of all sizes, executive recruiters, employment agencies, associations, and government departments.

How do I make a minor change to my posting?
If you have an individual posting, simply e-mail with your changes. We will make the changes for you and let you know when they are done.

What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?
If you have a question about posting a job that wasn't answered here, you can e-mail  |  Employer Home


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