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Jobs Available With Multipost
2007-11-28 6:19 AM (Pacific) / 9:19 AM (Eastern)
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This company, which does point-of-sale solutions for business, is looking for new staff.

They are currently looking to fill two positions. One is a System Sales Representative and the other is a Telephone Support Person.

For the first position, they are looking for someone with a retail sales background and basic computer skills. They should also have a strong sales background and be a self starter.

The company offers salary and commission, company benefits and sales leads.

For the second position, Telephone Support Person, they are looking for someone with a good telephone manner, basic computer skills, and retail knowledge.

The employee will also receive training to assist customers in using their product.

If you want more info about these two jobs, check out the website.

WarrenShepell Careers
2007-11-06 8:36 AM (Pacific) / 11:36 AM (Eastern)
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This provider of Employee Assistance Programs is looking for staff in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

There are 28 jobs in total, including a Data Entry Clerk in Mississauga, an Executive Assistant in Toronto, a Health Management Administrator in Montreal, and an EAP Counsellor in Kingston.

The listings include thorough job descriptions and lots of good information. There are a wide range of positions available at this company so it's worth a look; even if this has not been a field of focus for you in the past.

Want to know more? Here's where to go.

ADP Canada Has 42 Job Openings
2007-10-02 10:55 AM (Pacific) / 13:55 PM (Eastern)
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This company provides employer services. These employer services include things like payroll, benefits administration, human resources management and more.

Their major offices are in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and Calgary, but they have smaller operations throughout the country.

They are looking for people with a variety of skill sets like a Technical Writer in Mississauga, Bilingual Client Technical Analysts in Boucherville Quebec, and North York and a Bilingual (Spanish) Contact Centre Agent in Dartmouth.

If you are looking for something new, take a look at what they are offering. You'll have to choose Canada in the country drop-down list.

Ceridian Canada Is Looking For You
2007-10-02 6:05 AM (Pacific) / 9:05 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: human resources, services, across canada

This human resources and payroll service company is looking for staff across the country.

Some jobs are part-time, some are full-time. Others are permanent and others are contract or temporary. There is a wide range to suit whatever you might be looking for.

An example of some jobs they are looking for include a recruiter in Calgary and one in Markham, a Payroll Technician in Montreal, a Senior Project Manager in Markham/Mississauga, and a truckload of Payroll Administrators in various locations.

If you have an interest in that field, this might be worth checking out. Here's where to go for more info.


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