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Picture Yourself Working Here
2008-09-15 18:46 PM (Pacific) / 21:46 PM (Eastern)
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If you've got a creative streak, you might want to take a look at working for Henry's. They are a large photography and digital imaging store that is offering jobs in a variety of locations in Ontario.

For example, they are looking for sales associates in their stores in Ottawa, Barrie, Pickering Scarborough and many others.

They also have positions for imaging advisors at several of their stores and a job as a rental consultant in Ottawa.

Their website says they are opening a new store in Winnipeg Manitoba, and there are positions available at that location as well.

Check them out at Henry'

Adventures in Retail
2008-05-30 7:45 AM (Pacific) / 10:45 AM (Eastern)
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Retailer Danier Leather is looking for staff at a variety of locations, including their corporate office located in Toronto.

At their head office location, they are looking for a Leather Inspector, as well as a Customization Coordinator.

They also have a listing of their retail locations that are hiring. In-store positions range from Customer Service to Managers in Training and are available throughout the country.

If you have an interest in retail, this just might be the place for you.

Check out their website for more details.

Computer Trends is Hiring!
2008-01-14 10:04 AM (Pacific) / 13:04 PM (Eastern)
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This western Canadian computer retailer is looking for full-time Retail Sales Professionals and A+ Certified Computer Technicians to work at their various locations.

They say they are looking to fill these positions in all their markets, so if there's a Computer Trends store in your area, odds are, they are hiring for these positions.

To see the complete job descriptions for these positions, please visit their website.

Liquidation World Is Hiring
2007-12-05 10:48 AM (Pacific) / 13:48 PM (Eastern)
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This company, which handles retail liquidation and store-closure sales of consumer products in over 100 outlets across Canada, is looking to add staff.

Currently, they are seeking a District Manager (Ontario), a Sr. Business Development Manager (Calgary/Edmonton, AB), a Training Coordinator (Brantford, ON), an Outlet Manager (Calgary, AB and Ingersoll, ON) and an
Assistant Outlet Manager (several locations).

They are also looking for store clerks to fill hourly positions that are available at their various locations. There is a list of their stores on their website that you can use to contact stores directly for these clerk positions.

If you would like more information, visit the Liquidation World website.

Indigo Books & Music Careers
2007-10-31 6:43 AM (Pacific) / 9:43 AM (Eastern)
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Did you know that right now, on the Indigo website, there are over 170 jobs available, right across the country?

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and it's a great time to get some work at this large company. They hire a lot of seasonal help. This is the parent company for the Indigo, Chapters, and Coles book chains.

If you are looking for something more permanent, they offer that too. From a Supply Chain Quality Assurance Analyst position to a Gift Merchandising Specialist at their flagship store in Toronto (a degree in Visual Merchandising or Interior Design required as well as 3-5 years of related experience) there are a wide range of possibilities when considering a career with Chapters.

If you'd like to know more, you can visit here.

Smart Set is Hiring!
2007-08-31 6:54 AM (Pacific) / 9:54 AM (Eastern)
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Have you got a keen fashion sense? Do people emulate your style? If yes, perhaps a career in retail is for you.

Smart Set, the women's clothing retailer, is looking for staff in most Canadian provinces.

From Sales Associate (minimum of 1 years of experience in retail or customer Service) to Store Managers (3 years of experience in Speciality Fashion Retail Management) they are looking for your flair and your style to showcase their fashions.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, check out the Smart Set website.

Career Opportunities is on the bottom left of the main page.

Blockbuster Jobs
2007-08-13 6:41 AM (Pacific) / 9:41 AM (Eastern)
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Did you know there are currently 75 jobs on the Blockbuster website?

It's true. This video rental giant is looking to hire 75 people, right now.

Jobs range from Store Managers to District Leaders to Director, Real Estate. There are tons of opportunities to explore your career options and the jobs are located across the country.

One interesting job is the Merchandise Allocator position. It's available in Toronto (The West Mall & Burhamthorpe.) They are seeking someone with a minimum of two years retail and inventory management experience to (according to the website) "analyze sales and rental performance of the games category to determine store level quantities of new release and re-release titles while recognizing revenue and inventory objectives."

If that sounds like an interesting job to you, or if you think any of the other positions sound interesting, head over to the Blockbuster Canada website.

Best Buy Employment Opportunites!
2007-07-30 8:13 AM (Pacific) / 11:13 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, british columbia, across canada

If you love technology, why not check out working for a leading Canadian retailer of all that's new in the world of high tech?

Best Buy Canada is hiring for 27 positions at their corporate Canadian headquarters in Burnaby, BC. They also have one corporate position in Saskatoon, SK.

They are looking for everything from Senior Store Designer, to an HR Data Adminstrator, an to Assistant Inventory Analyst.

If you live in the Burnaby area, or considering relocation, and you've got passion for technology, the Best Buy corporate opportunities might be for you.

They also have Distribution Centres & Service Depots Opportunities, Retail Management Opportunities, and Store Opportunities at various locations throughout the country. You can find those in the left bar of the job opportunities page.

Sparkling Careers With Birks
2007-07-27 6:20 AM (Pacific) / 9:20 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, montreal, sales

If you love the elegance of fine jewellery and you're interested in a career with a prominent retailer, why not consider Birks?

They have store positions available across the country as well as corporate positions in Montreal.

In Montreal, they are looking for a Business Analyst (Strategic Planning), a Compensation & Project Manager, and other staff.

Their store positions are mostly Sales Professionals positions, but there are a few other jobs as well, including a receptionist position in Montreal, a Shipper & Receiver in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as a Store Administrator in Vancouver.

Birks serves a high-end clientele in mostly retail environments. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, get all the details on the Birks website. The careers button is at the bottom of the page.

HMV Jobs - Music To Your Ears?
2007-07-26 9:57 AM (Pacific) / 12:57 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

If you are looking for a music-related job, why not check out HMV? You'll be working in a retail environment surrounded by your favourite music, making use of the years of music-related trivia and knowledge you've accumulated. Sounds good, right?

They are looking for part and full time staff at many of their locations across the country. Positions range from Store Managers to Sales Associates. If you just have previous retail or general work experience, you can still apply for a sales associate position. Store manager positions require 5 years or more retail or related management experience.

Find more information or apply online by visiting the HMV website. click on HMV Careers at the bottom of the page.

Black's is Career Opportunities
2007-07-25 6:19 AM (Pacific) / 9:19 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

The photography icon, Black's, is looking for full time and part time staff for its many locations across the country. Most locations are in malls, so if you are looking for a retail-related position, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are openings for photography lab operators, store and sales associates, and assistant store managers. They are also looking for a full time store manager to operate their West Edmonton Mall location.

You get your pictures developed there, why not work there too?

For more information, visit Black's. The career opportunities button is on the bottom left.

Tim Hortons and You
2007-07-23 9:54 AM (Pacific) / 12:54 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

Did you know that there are lots of available jobs at Tim Hortons, both storefront and corporate?

It's easy to find the retail jobs on the Tim Hortons website. There is also a lot of information about job descriptions, their scholoship program, and the benefits and rewards of working there.

Corporate jobs at Tim Hortons encompass a few different departments, from tax, to operations, to information technology.

Currently, positions are across Canada and include such career fields as architecture (store design,) project management, senior financial analysis, and information technology. Here's where to find more information about Tim Hortons corporate jobs.

Jobs For the Musically Inclined
2007-07-23 6:39 AM (Pacific) / 9:39 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, arts, across canada

Canada's largest musical instrument retail store chain, Long & McQuade, is looking for staff to work at their store locations throughout the country.

For example, they are looking for a cello teacher in Ottawa, piano and voice teachers in Waterloo, and brass teachers in Oshawa.

They also have in-store positions like a full time band salesperson in Surrey, someone to work in the drum sales department in Mississauga, and a Manager for the Electronic Service Department in Toronto.

Think this might be you? Check out the employment page of Long & McQuade.

Working at The Source
2007-07-20 6:10 AM (Pacific) / 9:10 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

When I was a kid, they called it Radio Shack. But now, it's called The Source by Circuit City. Maybe they changed it just to confuse me but I would assume they had other reasons to do it.

Anyways, if you want to work there, here are 3 ways to get hooked up.

1. Go to their Web site to find job opportunities at the company. They include a Copywriter job in Barrie, ON, which sounds like an interesting job. In Barrie, they're also looking for some other staff including an Intermediate Accountant and a Shipping Supervisor.

If you're looking for a job as a Sales Associate, they've got positions listed throughout the country, from Vancouver, White Rock and Vernon, BC (there are lots of other cities in BC, just not enough space to list them all) to Charlottetown, PEI, Moncton, NB and Amherst, NS on the East Coast.

I mentioned 3 ways. The second way, if you're looking for a retail job as a sales associate is to check out the store where you want to work. They'll often post a note by the entrance mentioning they're looking for staff.

The third way is to get dressed nicely (make an effort, will ya?) and print up a nice resume. Walk (or drive or take the bus... - I don't really care how you get there - the result will be the same, as long as you can get to the store)... and ask to speak to the manager. The manager is usually working in the store, especially during the week. Ask them if they're hiring and if they're not, ask if you can leave your resume.

Just rememeber when speaking with them, not to call it Radio Shack. It's called The Source by Circuit City. Maybe one of these days, I'll remember that too.

Like Food? Why Not Work at Sobeys!
2007-07-04 10:00 AM (Pacific) / 13:00 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

Sobeys is hiring a lot of staff throughout the country. This grocery store chain, which was started in 1907, is looking for all sorts of staff is various capacities.

Mostly, they are looking for people to attend to the various grocery departments, such as deli counter and produce departments and jobs range from customer service to department managers. There are also some corporate jobs in the financial area, such as General Accounting Clerk and Financial Analyst.

You can find all the jobs that are available by visiting Look for the employment tab.

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