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Picture Yourself Working Here
2008-09-15 18:46 PM (Pacific) / 21:46 PM (Eastern)
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If you've got a creative streak, you might want to take a look at working for Henry's. They are a large photography and digital imaging store that is offering jobs in a variety of locations in Ontario.

For example, they are looking for sales associates in their stores in Ottawa, Barrie, Pickering Scarborough and many others.

They also have positions for imaging advisors at several of their stores and a job as a rental consultant in Ottawa.

Their website says they are opening a new store in Winnipeg Manitoba, and there are positions available at that location as well.

Check them out at Henry'

City of Brampton Jobs
2008-04-23 9:13 AM (Pacific) / 12:13 PM (Eastern)
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There are a handful of jobs on the City of Brampton website that jobseekers should check out.

Jobs range in type from Parking Enforcement Officer to Manager of Tourism. Among the jobs are also Senior Secretary, Data Management Analyst, and Fleet Maintenance Foreperson.

These jobs were all posted recently, so it's definitely worth a look if you live in the city or are planning to relocate there. Most jobs close near the end of the month.

For more information about what's available, check out their website.

Healthcare Positions Available
2008-03-19 6:20 AM (Pacific) / 9:20 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: medical, ontario

Lakeridge Health, which is located in the Durham Region east of Toronto, is looking for a variety of staff.

Many of these positions are in Oshawa, though some are located in the other centres of this region, including Bowmanville, Whitby, and Port Perry.

They are looking to fill a lot of nursing positions, pharmacists, therapists, laboratory technologists, and many other positions directly involved in the care of patients.

As well, they are looking for a Privacy Coordinator, Director of Health Information Management, Nurse Educator and other such administrative positions.

If you want more information about the positions or the community, visit their website.

A Future With Xstrata
2008-02-20 9:12 AM (Pacific) / 12:12 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: mining, ontario, quebec

This mining company is looking for staff at its various locations in Ontario and Quebec.

Currently in Ontario, they are looking for staff at their Timmins and Onaping (north of Sudbury) locations while in Quebec, the location is the Raglan Mine in northern Quebec.

There are lots of opportunities available. From Mechanics and Millwrights to a variety of Geologists, Engineers and even a Mine Design Technologist, there are some varied choices to look into at these facilities.

For those of you who are curious, visit their website to see all the available positions, closing dates, and thorough job descriptions.

Ronco Marketing and Sales Jobs
2007-11-26 8:42 AM (Pacific) / 11:42 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ontario, sales

This company, which makes products such as protective apparel, safety supplies, work and latex gloves is looking to fill three positions.

Their head office is in Concord, ON, but they do not specifically list where these jobs are available.

They are looking for a Product Specialist, an Inside Sales Rep, and a Marketing Coordinator.

For each of these positions, they are looking for someone with at least 3 years experience. The job descriptions are very thorough and detailed.

If you've got the experience, it might be worth a look. Click on Company Info, then Careers.

Careers at Neilson Dairy
2007-11-16 6:17 AM (Pacific) / 9:17 AM (Eastern)
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Mmmm, milk! Well, here's your chance to work at Neilson Dairy in Georgetown, Ontario. Currently, they are looking for a Operations/Warehouse Clerk. This position entails monitoring truck loading, and lots of other warehouse activity. Included in the requirements are previous dispatch experience, leadership skills, working under deadlines, etc.

There is a great job description and a detailed section on the required qualifications on the website.

They are also looking for a Telephone Sales/Customer Service Representative to work at the Georgetown location. Key responsibilities include data entry, handling customer requests, and more.

They would like someone with one year minimum of telephone customer service experience, Grade 12 education, and excellent data entry skills. Again, a full job description and required qualifications list is included on their website.

Here's where to find all the info. The career info link is in the left bar.

SPAR Aerospace Careers
2007-11-15 6:49 AM (Pacific) / 9:49 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: aerospace, ontario

This company is hiring at its Trenton, Ontario location. Currently, there are looking for Aircraft Maintenance (Junior and Senior Supervisors), Aviation Technicians, Business Process Coordinator/Facilitator, Coordinator Business Planning and Quality, and Coordinator Quality and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).

They also have a general posting for positions they are continuously seeking to fill. Included in these positions are Information Systems workers, Logistics and Administrative Support positions, Aircrew careers, Telecommunications (Technicians, Technologists, and Engineers) and more.

There are tons of jobs at this company. So get over there and take a look if you live in the Trenton area or are considering a move.

Bombardier Careers
2007-11-14 6:35 AM (Pacific) / 9:35 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: insurance, ontario, quebec, aerospace

Currently, Bombardier is looking to fill three positions at their Montreal headquarters. They also have additional positions located in Toronto, Dorval, Mirabel, and Thunder Bay. In all, they have 25 jobs available in Canada, in various skills sets and capacities.

At their headquarter site in Montreal, they are looking for an Internal Auditor, an Actuary, and a Legal Secretary.

The actuary position would be interesting to you if you like math. The job entails, among other things, advising on pension and insurance benefits for Canada, United States and Europe, evaluate Bombardier's pension plan, negotiating group insurance contracts, and a lot more.

They are looking for someone with 3-5 years of relevant experieince, as well as someone with a university degree in actuarial sciences or mathematics. You must also be bilingual, written and spoken.

There are additional requirements, and a thorough job description on the website, so check it out.

As we mentioned above, there are in total, 25 jobs in Canada at Bombardier.

Once you're on their website, you'll need to navigate to "Careers" in the bottom bar.

Careers With Toshiba
2007-11-08 6:21 AM (Pacific) / 9:21 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, IT, ontario, quebec

This company has a nice selection of jobs available at a few of their locations.

Currently, there are jobs in Barrie, Markham, Montreal, and Edmonton.

The majority of jobs are in Markham - and these include Accounts Receivable Representative (Toshiba Business Solutions), Business Analyst for Office Products Group (English and Japanese), Director of Business Development (Medical Equipment).

There are two sales jobs in Montreal - Account Manager (X-Ray & CT Systems) and Eastern Region Sales Manager (Diagnostic Imaging).

Edmonton has two jobs - Sales Representative (Notebook Computers - 1 Year Contract) and Field Technician (Toshiba Business Solutions).

Finally, there is an opening in Barrie, Ontario for a Field Service Representative (Medical Equipment CT & X-Ray).

Interested in what Toshiba has to offer? Check them out.

WarrenShepell Careers
2007-11-06 8:36 AM (Pacific) / 11:36 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: services, ontario, quebec, manitoba

This provider of Employee Assistance Programs is looking for staff in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

There are 28 jobs in total, including a Data Entry Clerk in Mississauga, an Executive Assistant in Toronto, a Health Management Administrator in Montreal, and an EAP Counsellor in Kingston.

The listings include thorough job descriptions and lots of good information. There are a wide range of positions available at this company so it's worth a look; even if this has not been a field of focus for you in the past.

Want to know more? Here's where to go.

North Bay Careers at Nipissing U
2007-11-05 6:49 AM (Pacific) / 9:49 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: education, ontario

There are lots of interesting faculty positions available at Nipissing University. There are looking for a lecturer to teach Introduction to Sports Psychology, someone to teach in their geography department, an instructor at their School of Business and Economics and even a part-time online instructor for their Centre for Continuing Education. There are a few other positions as well.

Interested? Check out their faculty positions section. They also have listings for jobs in other sectors of the facility, like administrative positions and contract positions, but they are currently not hiring for those positions.

Work At Solideal Canada!
2007-10-25 11:39 AM (Pacific) / 14:39 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: ontario, manufacturing

Check out this company, who manufacture and distribute tires, wheels and other products for the material handling and construction industry.

They are currently looking for a Junior Marketing and Sales Coordinator, a Junior Accounting Clerk, and a Bilingual Customer Service Representative.

You apply for these jobs through their Toronto office, but if you are planning on applying at the company, you might want to check out where the actual job is as it doesn't outline that in the job posting.

If you'd like to know more, check them out here.

Calling The Technically Inclined!
2007-10-19 6:29 AM (Pacific) / 9:29 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: trades, british columbia, ontario

Numatics Ltd. has three positions to fill in Canada; Technical Sales Trainee (London, ON), Customer Service/Technical Support (Surrey, BC) and Technical Sales Support (Surrey, BC.)

This company is a leading manufacturer of pneumatics and motion control products.

With all three of these positions, the company is looking for someone with a diploma and/or degree in Industrial Automation or related Engineering discipline from an accredited college or university.

The jobs ads include a lot of information about what the jobs entail, so if this is something that you think might interest you, check them out.

Brampton Park And Recreation Jobs
2007-10-16 10:30 AM (Pacific) / 13:30 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: brampton, ontario

We featured some jobs in Brampton a while ago and we told you we'd be bringing you some seasonal and part-time jobs. Well, here they are.

The City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department is looking for a lot of staff. They have openings with Animal Services, Aquatics, Child Care, Outdoor Recreation, Seniors, and a lot more.

Some of these positions are part time, some are seasonal, and some are full time.

If you have an interest in fitness, they are currently looking for a Fitness Instructor with Group Fitness Certification and CPR/First Aid certification. The rate of pay is between $16.00 - $30.00 per hour.

If you can plan, organize, and teach a Yoga or Pilates class, and have training to do so, as well as First Aid and CPR certification, this year-round position pays between $35.00 and $50.00 per hour.

Want to know more about what's available at the Parks and Recreation Department of Brampton? Here's where to go for more info.

National Bank of Canada
2007-10-12 7:48 AM (Pacific) / 10:48 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: financial, quebec, ontario

This bank, the leading bank in Quebec, is looking for staff at its various locations within the province of Quebec and a few locations in Ontario.

They are looking for a lot of staff in the Montreal area, including a Sales Manager for their insurance products, a Senior Collection Clerk, and a Manager of Commercial Banking.

Other locations with open positions include Eastern Ontario, Quebec City, Rockland, Ontario, as well as several other Quebec locations.

Positions range from part time Customer Service rep to Financial Services Manager.

If you want more information about these positions, check out their website.

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