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Baker Hughes Careers
2008-02-14 9:19 AM (Pacific) / 12:19 PM (Eastern)
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This company, which provides products and services to the oil and gas industry, currently has 15 job openings. Many of these jobs are in Alberta, but some are in other Canadian locations as well.

Positions range from Logistic Coordinator to Delivery Driver. There are thorough job descriptions to give you a good idea of what the position requires and what it entails.

If you'd like more information about what's available at Baker Hughes, check out their career page. You'll have to choose Canada as the location.

Total E&P Is Looking For You
2008-01-30 6:38 AM (Pacific) / 9:38 AM (Eastern)
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This company which focusses its operations on the oil and gas market, is looking for people to work at its Calgary and Fort McMurray operations in Canada.

They are looking for a wide range of job skills, such as Team Leader in HR Services, Legal Counsel, Office Services Supervisor - a wide range of of positions are available.

They are also looking for a variety of Engineers and a few Geologists as well.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out their careers page.

Crossfire Energy Is Hiring
2008-01-08 9:10 AM (Pacific) / 12:10 PM (Eastern)
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This oilfield construction services company in Alberta is looking for staff mostly in trade-related positions. However, in their Calgary location, they are also looking for accounting positions such as Payroll Accountant, Accounts Receiveable/Payable, and Shop Accountant.

There are some featured job descriptions on their website, and a good list of openings they have, both in Calgary and Edmonton. They say they also have openings in Zama City - that's in northern Alberta.

If you would like to know more, visit their website.

Careers With Weatherford International
2007-09-18 6:10 AM (Pacific) / 9:10 AM (Eastern)
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Weatherford, an oilfield service company, is looking for 57 new staff people.

Many positions are related to the oil and gas industry such as the Pump Technician they are looking for in Lloydminster Alberta.

But since this company is involved in oilfield equipment and manufacturing, many of their jobs are in a manufacturing environment. Many of these jobs are mechanical in nature, such as the Shop Technician position in Nisku, AB, the Welding position in Calgary and the CNC & Manual Machinists position, also in Calgary.

But there are other interesting jobs too like a Safety Coordinator position in Grande Prairie, AB, and a Technologist (Communications Support) job in Edmonton.

If you'd like to learn more about the careers offered at this company, visit the website and click on careers in the top bar.

Petro-Canada Jobs
2007-07-24 7:46 AM (Pacific) / 10:46 AM (Eastern)
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Did you know Petro-Canada is hiring? Currently, they have about 30 positions available. Many are in Calgary and Fort McMurray, but there are some positions in Mississauga, one in St. John's NF, some in Edmonton and another in Fort St. John, BC.

The jobs range in type from a Training Coordinator, to Warehouse Person/Parts Technician, to Geologists and Engineers. There is a wide variety of positions available. While some require oil/gas experience, some do not, and it might be the perfect opportunity for someone looking to break into this field.

There's lots of information about working for this company on their webiste. The closing dates on these positions vary, so if you're interested, check out the Petro-Canada website.

Careers at Chevron
2007-07-20 10:38 AM (Pacific) / 13:38 PM (Eastern)
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Chevron Canada Ltd. is looking for people in the oil and gas industry. Currently, on the website, there are openings for a Drill Site Manager, Drilling Engineer, Completions Engineer, Facilities Engineers, and a Reservoir Engineer. These positions are based in Calgary.

If you have the qualifications for these positions, it might be worth your while to check out the Chevron website.

They also have job postings around the world for the more adventurous.

You can check out what they do and where their operations are by visiting their career section.

Syncrude Hiring in Fort McMurray, AB
2007-07-12 6:01 AM (Pacific) / 9:01 AM (Eastern)
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You've probably heard that Fort McMurray is bustling with activity generated from Canada's oil and gas industry, but did you know there are still lots of jobs available for experienced tradespeople and engineers?

From electricians to heavy equipment operators, Syncrude is looking for people to help with its operations in Fort McMurray.

At time of writing, there are also two positions based out of Edmonton.

If you have experience in the field of engineering, or experience in a variety of trades, think pipefitter and certified mobile crane operator.

Syncrude also offers some entry-level positions as well as student hiring, both work term and full time employment.

More information on the Syncrude website.

EnCana and You!
2007-06-25 9:55 AM (Pacific) / 12:55 PM (Eastern)
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Let's continue with the Alberta theme we left off with on Friday to bring you opportunities with one of Canada's largest companies, EnCana Corporation.

As they deal with the oil and gas industry, their focus will be on professions that serve that industry. These include geophysicists, project engineers, and reservoir engineers.

However, they also have positions within the company that are not specifically oil and gas related. At time of writing, this includes accounting staff and a program coordinator for public and community relations.

They also have a section specifically for new graduates to work at their Calgary, Alberta location.

There's all kinds of information available on the EnCana website.


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