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Legal Careers
2008-04-01 6:48 AM (Pacific) / 9:48 AM (Eastern)
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The law firm of Stewart McKelvey is looking for staff at its Halifax branch.

Currently, they are seeking a Legal Secretary, a Corporate Commercial Secretary, two Facility Clerks, a Data Entry Clerk (Accounts) and a Litigation Secretary.

There are thorough job descriptions on the website that will give you a great idea of what the job entails.

If you think this might be something that could interest you, check out their website.

L-3 Communications Careers
2007-11-30 7:30 AM (Pacific) / 10:30 AM (Eastern)
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This company makes systems and electronic assemblies.

They are looking for staff at two of their locations - Toronto, ON and Enfield (near the Halifax airport), NS.

Since they design electronic components, they are looking for several engineering positions. Job titles range from Reliability Engineer to Intermediate Electrical/Mechanical Engineer to Senior Avionic Systems/Software Engineer. They are also looking a Human Resource Manager, a Subcontracts Manager (Temporary), and a Senior Project Engineer.

If this sounds something you might enjoy, check out the L-3 Communications website.

C-Vision And You
2007-09-25 6:54 AM (Pacific) / 9:54 AM (Eastern)
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C-Vision Limited, an electronics manufacturing and design services company that deals with LED roadway products is looking for staff.

They are headquartered in Amherst Nova Scotia and have and their sales and service office in Mississauga, Ontario.

Currently, they are looking for Engineers and Technicians. To qualify, engineers need B. ENG in Electronics, Electrical, or Mechanical and technicians require a diploma in the same fields. They would prefer 2-3 years experience and, on the job ad, they describe the sort of experience they are looking for.

They are also looking for Electronics Account Executives. They are expected to have existing relationships with OEM clients or design firms and Electronics or Plastics Industry experience is considered a strong asset. They would prefer an Electrical or Electronic Engineering egree. They also state that opportunities for ownership/partnership in the business may exist for top performers.

Finally, they are looking for a Lighting Product Designer/Engineer to develop an LED Roadway Lighting System.

Want more details on all of it? Check out their website.

Building In Halifax
2007-09-19 9:26 AM (Pacific) / 12:26 PM (Eastern)
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M&R Engineering in Halifax Nova Scotia is looking for designers and engineers. They are a full service building systems engineering company.

Currently, they are looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer, Senior Mechanical Designer, Electrical Design Engineer, Senior Electrical Designer, CAD Technician, and Executive Support Staff. They are looking for people with demonstrated experience in leading commercial, healthcare, institutional or retail projects.

Does this sound like you?

Perhaps you should get all the details by visiting their website. You can also see the projects they've worked on and a little bit more about the work they do.

Research In Motion Has 425 Jobs Online!
2007-09-12 10:34 AM (Pacific) / 13:34 PM (Eastern)
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You heard me right. This information technolgy company which creates mobile communications and wireless solutions has over 400 jobs online - an astounding amount.

Want an idea of what they are looking for?

Since they are a high tech company, many of their jobs involve creating or distributing technologically advanced products.

One such job is the Embedded Systems Software Developer position. They are looking for Extensive C programming experience and two to five years of full-time, non-co-op work experience.

Several other examples of IT-based job titles are BlackBerry Operations Administrator, Data Centre Technician, Wireless Application Consultant, and Engineering Support Specialist.

But not all jobs are IT based. Many are in their corporate offices or in manufacturing, sales, software, or technical support.

One such job is Manager, Global Rewards Programs. Another is Legal Assistant with 3 or more years previous experience in a corporate/commercial and/or real property legal environment.

If you are looking for a challenging career, take a look at what Research in Motion is offering. With over 400 jobs being offered, the skills sets being sought cover a broad range of career choices.

Visit Research in Motion for more information. You'll need to click on careers in the top bar. Once there, choose Canada from the dropdown menu.

Oh yeah, and most jobs are in Waterloo. There are some available in Ottawa, Mississauga, and Halifax.

Working at Nova Scotia Power
2007-06-29 6:56 AM (Pacific) / 9:56 AM (Eastern)
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Did you know that Nova Scotia Power is looking for a shocking amount of personnel? A little electricity humour.

They are looking for 15 people right now, across Nova Scotia for a variety of jobs in administrative services, engineering, trades, and non-trades.

Among the job opportunities are a Meter Reader in Sydney, a Wiring Inspector in Truro, and an Environmental Specialist in Lakeside.

If you live in Nova Scotia and you're looking for a new opportunity, why not visit Nova Scotia Power?


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