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ACNielsen Careers
2008-01-23 6:58 AM (Pacific) / 9:58 AM (Eastern)
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This company provides market research and analysis to their clients.

There are lots of exciting jobs available at ACNielsen. These jobs are in various location, Markham being the most popular. There are also a handful of jobs in Montreal that require French language skills.

A sampling of available jobs include Systems Analyst, Sales Consultant, Client Information Support Specialist, and many others.

To see all their available jobs, please visit their website.

Market Research Interviewing
2007-06-22 6:47 AM (Pacific) / 9:47 AM (Eastern)
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If you are looking for a job that offers scheduling flexibilty, can help build your confidence, and is easy-going, perhaps you should look into market research interviewing.

Market research interviewers conduct public opinion polls, surveys, and market research, usually over the phone. The downside is that this job can be repetitive as it involves sticking to a set question script.

This job requires good telephone skills and a clear speaking voice. Often, knowing more than one or two languages can be an advantage. Most of these jobs also require evening or weekend work.

Market research interviewers have nothing to sell as these companies are simply hired to conduct surveys, so if you are applying for a market research job that involves selling, it is likely a sales jobs masquerading as a market research job.

We've put together a list of market research firms and the offices where they are currently looking for staff.

Ekos Ottawa, ON / Edmonton, AB
Ipsos Toronto, ON
NRG Research Group Winnipeg, MB
Opinion Search Ottawa, ON / Toronto, ON / Montreal, QC
Pollara Bathurst, NB


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