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Brampton Park And Recreation Jobs
2007-10-16 10:30 AM (Pacific) / 13:30 PM (Eastern)
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We featured some jobs in Brampton a while ago and we told you we'd be bringing you some seasonal and part-time jobs. Well, here they are.

The City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department is looking for a lot of staff. They have openings with Animal Services, Aquatics, Child Care, Outdoor Recreation, Seniors, and a lot more.

Some of these positions are part time, some are seasonal, and some are full time.

If you have an interest in fitness, they are currently looking for a Fitness Instructor with Group Fitness Certification and CPR/First Aid certification. The rate of pay is between $16.00 - $30.00 per hour.

If you can plan, organize, and teach a Yoga or Pilates class, and have training to do so, as well as First Aid and CPR certification, this year-round position pays between $35.00 and $50.00 per hour.

Want to know more about what's available at the Parks and Recreation Department of Brampton? Here's where to go for more info.

Amanda System Administrator in Brampton
2007-10-01 6:05 AM (Pacific) / 9:05 AM (Eastern)
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We were originally going to mention this position as part of last Friday's blog post about jobs at the City of Brampton but the more we thought about it, we realized we've rarely seen a job posting for an Amanda System Admins and it really warrants its own post so we can go into more detail.

As well, we take that to mean that if you're a person with these skills, this posting might be that needle in the haystack you've been looking for. You're welcomed. :)

If you are an Amanda Database Tracking System Administrator (say that five times fast), this job posting might be perfect for you.

They mention that experience with the Amanda System software is an asset so if you're an experienced Systems Administrator but don't necessarily have a specialty in this particular software, it might be worth a look as well.

Working at the City of Brampton
2007-09-28 8:26 AM (Pacific) / 11:26 AM (Eastern)
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The City of Brampton in the Toronto area has a number of job opportunities. There are quite a few, for candidates with all kinds of skills.

They're looking for a Payroll Supervisor, a Pesticide Specialist, and even a Fire Chief.

As with many municipal government sites, there are also specific sections on the site for those interested in being Transit Operators or Firefighters.

There's a section about part-time and seasonal jobs that we'll talk about in more detail on this blog in the next while.

Since Brampton is one of the largest cities in the Toronto area, there are plenty of jobs to choose from, available on their site.

Good luck and have a great weekend everyone!

Health Care Careers
2007-09-10 6:06 AM (Pacific) / 9:06 AM (Eastern)
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Attention health care professionals! The William Osler Health Centre is looking for you. This centre encompasses three hospitals: Etobicoke General Hospital, Peel Memorial Hospital, and the Brampton Civic Hospital set to open late October.

Currently, they have 188 jobs online - a staggering amount. They are looking for Registered Nurses in a variety of departments (including new graduate nurses), Physiotherapists, MRI Technologists, a Medical Transcriptionist, Psychologists, Recreational Therapists, and many others.

At their new hospital, Brampton Civic, they are looking for support staff to work in maintenance, engineering, and building services, as well as food services, material management, and environmental services.

If this is something that might interest you, check out their website. The careers button is in the top bar.

Insurance Jobs with Hub International
2007-08-28 12:27 PM (Pacific) / 15:27 PM (Eastern)
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For those of you with a noodle for numbers and statistics, you might want to check out what's available at Hub International, an insurance brokerage company.

Currently, they have a position in Ottawa, one in Brampton, and three in Oakville.

Commercial Lines Account Executive is the position that is advertised for Ottawa. It involves managing customer accounts, claims, and answering inquiries, as well as a host of other insurance-related tasks. You are required to have a RIBO license and 5 years commercial insurance experience. Is this you?

The other positions in Brampton and Oakville are along the same lines but vary in job title, description, and experience required.

Want more information? You can find it here.


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