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Careers At Cognos
2008-02-06 9:10 AM (Pacific) / 12:10 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, ottawa

This company, which was recently bought out by IBM, is looking for a lot of staff. Most positions are in the Ottawa region, but there are a few in Toronto and Vancouver and one in Montreal.

Many jobs are IT based, such as Software Engineers, Software Developers, and Solutions Architects. But there are also jobs for sales professionals, quality control analysts, marketing professionals, support personnel.

The jobs span a wide range of skill sets and experience, so if you're looking for a challenging career in IT, check our what Cognos is looking for on their website.

To see their jobs:

-choose on Career Opportunities
-choose on Search Jobs
-Under location, choose Canada

A Career At SAS?
2008-01-17 6:56 AM (Pacific) / 9:56 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: across canada, IT

This software company which offers its clients business intelligence applications is looking for staff in a variety of capacities.

Currently, they are seeking Account Executives in several locations like Calgary, Toronto, and Victoria/Vancouver.

They are also looking for a Pre-Sales Specialist in Calgary, a Project Management Consultant in Montreal, a Inside Sales Rep in Toronto, and a Senior Risk Business Analyst in Calgary.

These positions were all posted recently, so if there is a jobs that sounds interesting to you, you should check out their website.

Looking For Staff At Intuit Canada
2008-01-15 12:15 PM (Pacific) / 15:15 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: alberta, financial, IT

This financial software developer is hiring at both its Edmonton and Calgary locations.

There are lots of jobs to be had - currently on their website, they are looking to fill 22 positions.

From Administrative Assistant to Oracle Developer to Privacy Officer, this company covers a lot of skill sets and job descriptions.

If you are looking for a change in career and live in Alberta, this company might be worth taking a look.

There's also lots of great information about the company on the website.

Computer Trends is Hiring!
2008-01-14 10:04 AM (Pacific) / 13:04 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, IT

This western Canadian computer retailer is looking for full-time Retail Sales Professionals and A+ Certified Computer Technicians to work at their various locations.

They say they are looking to fill these positions in all their markets, so if there's a Computer Trends store in your area, odds are, they are hiring for these positions.

To see the complete job descriptions for these positions, please visit their website.

Web Work at Device Media
2008-01-09 14:01 PM (Pacific) / 17:01 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, edmonton

Device Media, a creative and technical IT company based in Edmonton, is looking for a Web Developer and a Web Designer.

The Web Developer position requires PHP, MySQL, and AJAX skills. They say this is an entry position and the salary range is between $11.00 and $15.00 per hour to start.

The Web Designer position requires someone that has experience with online and offline design, competence with design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and similar design programs, creative thinking, and more.

If you want to find out more about the opportunities available at this company, check out their website.

Canon Careers
2007-12-19 15:17 PM (Pacific) / 18:17 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, IT, across canada

If you are looking for a challenging position, why not consider working at Canon Canada?

They currently have over 30 job openings in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

The jobs range from Receptionist, to Account Executive, to Pricing Analyst.

For example, they are looking for a Bilingual Product Marketing Assistant in Mississauga. This position involves arranging product information such as manuals to be available in French and English prior to a product launch, maintaining inventory levels of documentation, and other such tasks. This would be an exciting position for someone with an interest in Marketing, Public Relations, or Communication that has French-language skills.

If you'd like to know more about this job and the other ones available at Canon, check out their Canadian website

Beanstream and You
2007-12-10 11:50 AM (Pacific) / 14:50 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, victoria, financial

Beanstream Internet Commerce is looking for a Network Administrator and a Technical Support Representative.

This company provides payment, risk management and authentication services to businesses in Canada and the US.

Both of these positions are in Victoria, British Columbia.

For the Network Administrator position, they are looking for someone with 4 years or more of experience with Windows systems, database management, and more. There is a detailed job description that gives a good idea of what the position is.

For the Technical Support position, they are looking for someone who can provide integration and technical assistance to merchants using their set-ups. Again, this company includes a good description on their website.

For all the details, visit Beanstream.

Jobs at Network Solutions
2007-12-07 6:14 AM (Pacific) / 9:14 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, toronto

Internet giant Network Solutions is looking for staff at their Toronto location.

Currently, they are seeking three QA Engineers, a Java Developer Engineer, and an Engineer.

These a very technical positions that require a varying degree of database, design, and programming experience.

For example, someone applying for the Engineer position should have a minimum of 8 years experience designing and building complex enterprise systems.

If this is something you might be interested in, check out the Network Solutions website.

L-3 Communications Careers
2007-11-30 7:30 AM (Pacific) / 10:30 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, nova scotia, toronto, engineering

This company makes systems and electronic assemblies.

They are looking for staff at two of their locations - Toronto, ON and Enfield (near the Halifax airport), NS.

Since they design electronic components, they are looking for several engineering positions. Job titles range from Reliability Engineer to Intermediate Electrical/Mechanical Engineer to Senior Avionic Systems/Software Engineer. They are also looking a Human Resource Manager, a Subcontracts Manager (Temporary), and a Senior Project Engineer.

If this sounds something you might enjoy, check out the L-3 Communications website.

Careers With Toshiba
2007-11-08 6:21 AM (Pacific) / 9:21 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, IT, ontario, quebec

This company has a nice selection of jobs available at a few of their locations.

Currently, there are jobs in Barrie, Markham, Montreal, and Edmonton.

The majority of jobs are in Markham - and these include Accounts Receivable Representative (Toshiba Business Solutions), Business Analyst for Office Products Group (English and Japanese), Director of Business Development (Medical Equipment).

There are two sales jobs in Montreal - Account Manager (X-Ray & CT Systems) and Eastern Region Sales Manager (Diagnostic Imaging).

Edmonton has two jobs - Sales Representative (Notebook Computers - 1 Year Contract) and Field Technician (Toshiba Business Solutions).

Finally, there is an opening in Barrie, Ontario for a Field Service Representative (Medical Equipment CT & X-Ray).

Interested in what Toshiba has to offer? Check them out.

Motorola And You
2007-10-26 6:47 AM (Pacific) / 9:47 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, manufacturing, telecommunications

You may know them as the company that makes super-sleek cell phones, but Motorola is so much more. If you want to be a part of the Motorola family, here are a few job positions they are looking to fill.

They have 3 positions online right now; one in Ottawa, Markham, and Mississauga.

In Mississauga, they are looking for a Sales/Marketing Administrator and Office Manager. They want someone with 5-10 years experience to work at their subsidiary, Symbol Technologies. The job description is extensive and thorough, so if this is you type of job, check it out.

The second position is in Ottawa, and they are looking for a Senior Account Executive. They want someone with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Business with 5-10 years experience dealing in sales.

The last position was posted a while back, but it's still on the site, so there's still hope. The job is in Markham, and it's for a Senior Account Manager. This time, they are looking for 3-5 years of sales experience to manage and prospect new accounts.

All these positions can be seen on the Motorola website. You'll have to select the Canadian locations from the location drop-down list.

Looking For A High-Tech Manager
2007-10-24 10:45 AM (Pacific) / 13:45 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: ottawa, IT

Canarie Inc., based in Ottawa is a not-for-profit corporation working at enhancing Internet development in the country.

They are currently looking for a Manager, Communications and Performance Measurement.

This is a full time position and they are looking for someone with 5 years experience in communications position within the high-tech industry and superior communication skills. You must be bilingual.

There is a thorough job description on the job ad which gives you a really good idea of what the job entails.

If you're curious, head over there now.

RapidMind IT Jobs
2007-10-01 21:14 PM (Pacific) / 2007-10-02 0:14 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, ontario

This IT company, based in Waterloo, ON is looking for staff. If you know your way around the inner workings of information technology, this might be right up your alley.

Currently, they are looking for a C++ Developer, a Systems Engineer, Sales and Business Development staff, and Product Management people.

The C++ Developer position requires, among other things, 3-4 years of relevant development experience and an educational background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or the equivalent.

Want to know more about RapidMind and what they are looking for?

Jobs with SMART Technologies
2007-09-14 6:09 AM (Pacific) / 9:09 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ottawa, calgary, IT

These smart people make interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools.

They have, right now, 40 jobs online. Could there be one for you?

Their jobs are in Calgary, AB and Kanata, ON.

Though they deal with high tech stuff, there are plenty of jobs that aren't - like a Campaign Specialist to plan and execute advertising, trade shows, mail campaigns, events, and more. There's also a job for a Graphic Designer with a minimum of two years' experience in print design, working in a corporate design department, agency or the equivalent. If you apply and get an interview, be prepared to bring a portfolio of your work.

There's also jobs for Production Shift Supervisor, Project Manager (Websites), and a Quality Assurance Specialist.

What are you waiting for? You can see all the positions that are open on their website. Choose careers under the Quick Links section, bottom right.

Research In Motion Has 425 Jobs Online!
2007-09-12 10:34 AM (Pacific) / 13:34 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, IT, ontario, nova scotia

You heard me right. This information technolgy company which creates mobile communications and wireless solutions has over 400 jobs online - an astounding amount.

Want an idea of what they are looking for?

Since they are a high tech company, many of their jobs involve creating or distributing technologically advanced products.

One such job is the Embedded Systems Software Developer position. They are looking for Extensive C programming experience and two to five years of full-time, non-co-op work experience.

Several other examples of IT-based job titles are BlackBerry Operations Administrator, Data Centre Technician, Wireless Application Consultant, and Engineering Support Specialist.

But not all jobs are IT based. Many are in their corporate offices or in manufacturing, sales, software, or technical support.

One such job is Manager, Global Rewards Programs. Another is Legal Assistant with 3 or more years previous experience in a corporate/commercial and/or real property legal environment.

If you are looking for a challenging career, take a look at what Research in Motion is offering. With over 400 jobs being offered, the skills sets being sought cover a broad range of career choices.

Visit Research in Motion for more information. You'll need to click on careers in the top bar. Once there, choose Canada from the dropdown menu.

Oh yeah, and most jobs are in Waterloo. There are some available in Ottawa, Mississauga, and Halifax.

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