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RapidMind IT Jobs
2007-10-01 21:14 PM (Pacific) / 2007-10-02 0:14 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, ontario

This IT company, based in Waterloo, ON is looking for staff. If you know your way around the inner workings of information technology, this might be right up your alley.

Currently, they are looking for a C++ Developer, a Systems Engineer, Sales and Business Development staff, and Product Management people.

The C++ Developer position requires, among other things, 3-4 years of relevant development experience and an educational background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or the equivalent.

Want to know more about RapidMind and what they are looking for?

Working at the City of Brampton
2007-09-28 8:26 AM (Pacific) / 11:26 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: government, brampton, ontario

The City of Brampton in the Toronto area has a number of job opportunities. There are quite a few, for candidates with all kinds of skills.

They're looking for a Payroll Supervisor, a Pesticide Specialist, and even a Fire Chief.

As with many municipal government sites, there are also specific sections on the site for those interested in being Transit Operators or Firefighters.

There's a section about part-time and seasonal jobs that we'll talk about in more detail on this blog in the next while.

Since Brampton is one of the largest cities in the Toronto area, there are plenty of jobs to choose from, available on their site.

Good luck and have a great weekend everyone!

Yummy Careers at Kraft
2007-09-24 9:19 AM (Pacific) / 12:19 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ontario, alberta

You love the cheese, so maybe you'll love the job too.

Kraft Canada is hiring for a variety of positions, about 18 positions actually, across their divisions and departments.

They are looking for all sorts of people, like a Shoppers' Insight Manager, Space Management Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Foodservice Sales Representatives and more. The locations vary, for example, there are two positions for the Foodservice Sales Reps, one in Calgary and one in Toronto.

There are also a few positions in the Human Resources division in Toronto, Associate Manager - Pension and Savings Plans, and Pension and Savings Plan Specialist.

Good news for those in their last year of university studies; there is also a section on the career page for those who will be graduating soon.

Exciting job opportunities with a big name in manufacturing. If this sounds tasty, visit their website for all the details.

McMaster University Career Fair 2007!
2007-09-18 10:54 AM (Pacific) / 13:54 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: university, ontario

This career fair, aimed at graduating students is happening on September 20th at the David Braley Athletic Centre (DBAC), Sport Hall.

So on Thursday, check out the employers that will be there to let you know about opportunities coming up. It's a great chance to make some career connections.

The McMaster website has information about the fair, as well as a student guide to help you make the most of the fair.

Need more info? Here's where to go.

A Future With Engineered Air?
2007-09-17 10:01 AM (Pacific) / 13:01 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ontario, alberta, quebec

This company is an HVAC equipment manufacturer which operates plants in Canada and the US.

Currently, they have four positions in Calgary, which include HVAC Engineer/Technologist, Sales Professionals, Production Operators, and Production Assemblers.

At their Newmarket, Ontario facility, they are looking for an HVAC Engineer/Technologist, and Production Assemblers.

For the Laval, Quebec area, they are looking for Sales Professionals.

If these careers sound interesting to you, you might want to check out the Engineered Air website.

Research In Motion Has 425 Jobs Online!
2007-09-12 10:34 AM (Pacific) / 13:34 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, IT, ontario, nova scotia

You heard me right. This information technolgy company which creates mobile communications and wireless solutions has over 400 jobs online - an astounding amount.

Want an idea of what they are looking for?

Since they are a high tech company, many of their jobs involve creating or distributing technologically advanced products.

One such job is the Embedded Systems Software Developer position. They are looking for Extensive C programming experience and two to five years of full-time, non-co-op work experience.

Several other examples of IT-based job titles are BlackBerry Operations Administrator, Data Centre Technician, Wireless Application Consultant, and Engineering Support Specialist.

But not all jobs are IT based. Many are in their corporate offices or in manufacturing, sales, software, or technical support.

One such job is Manager, Global Rewards Programs. Another is Legal Assistant with 3 or more years previous experience in a corporate/commercial and/or real property legal environment.

If you are looking for a challenging career, take a look at what Research in Motion is offering. With over 400 jobs being offered, the skills sets being sought cover a broad range of career choices.

Visit Research in Motion for more information. You'll need to click on careers in the top bar. Once there, choose Canada from the dropdown menu.

Oh yeah, and most jobs are in Waterloo. There are some available in Ottawa, Mississauga, and Halifax.

Jobs With Toyota
2007-09-12 6:23 AM (Pacific) / 9:23 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ontario, automotive

I know what you're thinking. Not a lot of jobs in the automotive industry lately. But not so at Toyota. Currently, Toyota has 25 jobs on their website. Most jobs, except one in Woodstock, ON are based in Cambridge, ON.

Most positions are engineering-related, but there are also some for technicians, human resources, and information technology as well.

One of the human resources position titles is a Manager-Training and Development. Toyota is looking for someone with 5-7 years experience in a human resources, training or organizational development role. They are also looking for proven project management skills and some other requirements as well.

On the technical side, they are looking for an Electrical Maintenance Technician. You must possess an Ontario or Interprovincial Electrician's Certificate and a Technicians certificate is preferred. The job involves performing maintenance on the mechanical and electrical systems and a lot more.

For more information about what's available, visit Toyota, then choose job opportunities, in the gray bar on the right.

Health Care Careers
2007-09-10 6:06 AM (Pacific) / 9:06 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: medical, ontario, brampton

Attention health care professionals! The William Osler Health Centre is looking for you. This centre encompasses three hospitals: Etobicoke General Hospital, Peel Memorial Hospital, and the Brampton Civic Hospital set to open late October.

Currently, they have 188 jobs online - a staggering amount. They are looking for Registered Nurses in a variety of departments (including new graduate nurses), Physiotherapists, MRI Technologists, a Medical Transcriptionist, Psychologists, Recreational Therapists, and many others.

At their new hospital, Brampton Civic, they are looking for support staff to work in maintenance, engineering, and building services, as well as food services, material management, and environmental services.

If this is something that might interest you, check out their website. The careers button is in the top bar.

Jobs with Pizza Pizza
2007-08-20 6:07 AM (Pacific) / 9:07 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: call centre, ontario

You know you love pizza, so why not look at immersing yourself fully in its world?

There are some excellent job opportunties with Pizza Pizza at their call centres.

For example, there are two jobs in Ottawa right now, for supervisory call centre positions. One is a Bilingual Call Centre Supervisor and the other is a Bilingual Call Centre Assistant Manager position.

The first position requres 2 years supervisory experience in a call centre environment while the second job requires 3 years call centre experience in leading and developing employees.

There are a several other call centre positions in Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton.

They also have ongoing needs for Production Staff and Shipper/Receivers at their Etobicoke warehouse and distribution location.

Finally, in their head office, they are looking for an Oracle Support Developer with 3-5 Years of experience in Oracle Application Development.

To see these and other Pizza Pizza opportunities, why not check out their website?

Nissan Jobs in Mississauga
2007-08-16 9:57 AM (Pacific) / 12:57 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: automotive, ontario

If you're looking for work in the automotive industry, why not check out what Nissan has to offer.

There are currently only seven jobs online, but hey, you only need one.

Most of the jobs entail some aspect of automotive management or analysis of markets. As well, there is a position for a bilingual Vehicle Distribution Specialist and a Training Manager in the Human Resources division.

The qualifications vary by job title, as does the level of experience, so if you think this might be right up your alley, visit the Nissan website. Choose search openings, then select the Canadian locations.

Calling All Teachers!
2007-08-16 6:27 AM (Pacific) / 9:27 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: education, ontario

Tis the season to get ready for another school year. While this is not so great for the kids, it's a perfect time for those of you out there with teaching skills to look for a job.

Upper Canada District School Board is looking for staff in various capacities for the fall.

There are teaching positions available, occasional positions, and a few support staff positions. For example, there are tons of elementary contract teaching positions.

Where is the school district? The school board encompasses such counties as Lanark, Stormont, and Prescott in Eastern Ontario.

Interested? Find more info on the Upper Canada District School Board website. You'll find the careers button on the top header.

"Steel" Looking for Work?
2007-08-02 6:14 AM (Pacific) / 9:14 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: manufacturing, ontario, trades

Steelway Building Systems, based in Aylmer, Ontario, is hiring. This company manufactures steel building systems and is looking for staff with skill sets related to construction and building. Currently, they are looking for an Industrial Electrician, a Junior Estimator, a Structural Engineer, and Intermediate Detailer, and a Drafting Assistant.

If this sounds like you, you can get more information on the website.

And in case you're wondering, Aylmer is near St. Thomas, Ontario.

City of Thunder Bay Jobs
2007-07-30 6:19 AM (Pacific) / 9:19 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: government, ontario

If you live in the Thunder Bay area or are considering relocating, you might want to take a look at what's available with the city.

They have a few opportunities in the field of healthcare, such as Health Care Aide, Registered Nurses and Practical Nurses, as well as Support Services Workers and Therapeutic Recreationist. In case you're wondering what a Therapeutic Recreationist does, it seems they put together programs and activities for care residents, in this case, seniors.

There are other positions available at the City of Thunder Bay at time of writing such as Financial Analyst, Supervisor - Materials Management, Executive Assistant, and Planning & Development Analyst.

You know where to go for all the details of what's available at the City of Thunder Bay.

It's Fun to Work at the YMCA!
2007-07-17 9:33 AM (Pacific) / 12:33 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: recreation, niagara, ontario

According to their website, the YMCA of Niagara is one of the largest YMCAs in Canada. They have a staff of over 1000 in more than 90 locations across Niagara.

They are currently looking for part-time staff at their Welland, St Catharines, and Niagara Falls locations.

Currently, positions range from Aquatics staff to Housekeeping staff.

They also offer volunteer positions for those interested.

You can find more information on their website.

Want a Moving Career?
2007-07-06 10:00 AM (Pacific) / 13:00 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: alberta, ontario, transportation

United Van Lines is hiring both at their headquarters in Ontario and at member companies throughout the country.

At their headquarters, they are looking for Dispatcher Assistants, a Training Manager, and a Marketing Communications Advisor. They have many available positions with their member companies as well.

You can find more information about careers at United Van Lines by visiting their website.

One of their member companies is Matco and they have a lot of moving-related job opportunties in the Edmonton, Calgary, and Whitehorse areas. More info at

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