Feel Like Your Career is at a Standstill?

By Canadajobs.com Staff

If you feel like you aren't getting the satisfaction you used to from your career, or that you aren't advancing the way you want to, here are some suggestions on jump-starting a stalled or slow-moving career.

Go Back To School:

One of the best ways to get ahead at work is to build your skills. Going back to school can help you achieve that. Decide on which skills would benefit you in your current job or speak with your manager about what skills they look for when granting promotions. Does your company value project management skills, language skills, time-management skills? Find out. Often, employers will pay for continuing education classes that benefit the company. You can take these courses at a local college, university, online, or by correspondence.

Ask for Opportunities:

By asking for opportunities to advance, you can jumpstart your career. Sometimes we aren't given the opportunity to shine in our daily tasks. Ask your supervisor for extra responsibilities or assignments. Make sure you ask for tasks that will highlight your skills, that aren't beyond your abilities, and that will help you advance.

Be Pro-Active:

Talk to your supervisor or manager about the possibilities for advancement. Find out how they see your position evolving, what others before you in your current job have gone on to do. Ask for honesty. If it becomes clear that your job is a dead-end, you'll have some choices to make. If the possibility for advancement exists, make sure your supervisor knows you are motivated and eager to move up.


By networking, you can find out what other opportunities exist for those in similar positions as you. What have others done to move ahead? Networking can help your career in many ways. You can find a mentor to guide and support you, new clients, new friends, and resources to help you develop your career.


Could it be possible that you don't want to jumpstart your stalled career? Consider what other challenges you'd like to accomplish and decide how you can use your current skills to achieve them. Some soul-searching might be in order to help you find your passion and a career that you'll truly enjoy.

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