Retracting a Resignation

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You've handed in your letter of resignation to your employer but for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to retract your resignation. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Are You Certain?

There are some good reasons to remain in your current job and there are some that could have a negative impact on your career. By all means, if you change your mind about leaving your job and you really want to stay, that's up to you. Keep in mind that your loyalty to your present employer has been questioned and that your work environment has been altered by you submitting a letter of resignation. It might take some time to regain the trust of those around you, including your employer.

If you feel that your employer has pressured you into retracting your letter of resignation, trying to buy time until they can hire someone else, consider the impact that can have on your career. It puts your own job search on hold. Ensure you make the decision for yourself in a way that benefits you.

If your employer has promised you increased pay, benefits, or other goodies to convince you to retract your letter of resignation, make sure these are in writing and concrete. Hold your employer to his or her promises.

Going Ahead:

If you do decide to retract your resignation, make sure you do it in writing. Just as your letter of resignation was important, so is the letter letting your employer know you wish to retract it. Make sure it is professional, to the point, and accurate. Let your employer know that you wish to retract your letter of resignation and why. Reasons can include such things as you've simply changed your mind, you've discussed it with your employer and you've agreed on increased responsibility, promotion, increase in pay, etc.

Remember to keep your letter professional and free of negativity. Along with your resignation letter, this will likely remain in your employment file.

The first paragraph of your retraction of resignation letter should state clearly that you are rescinding or retracting your resignation letter that you submitted.

The second paragraph should deal with why you are retracting your resignation. If you are staying because of improvements to your work environment such as pay increase, make sure you state the terms you and your employer have agreed upon.

End your letter by letting your employer know that you appreciate the opportunity XYZ Company has given you and that you wish to continue to contribute to the company's success in the future, or some variation of this. Ending positively is a good way to stress your desire to stay with the company.

Remember though, that depending on legal circumstances and company policy, your employer may not need to accept your retraction of resignation and you may be forced to live with your original decision to leave your job.

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