Keeping Your Resume Updated Throughout Your Career

By Staff

As your career evolves, it's important to ensure that your resume remains updated and current. You shouldn't wait until you decide to change jobs before updating your resume. Here are some things to consider in keeping your resume fresh.

Update Your Objective:

As your career evolves, so should your objective or mission statement on your resume. Whereas a few years ago your goal might have been to secure a mid-management position at a marketing firm, if you're working at that position now, it's time to update. Decide what your next goal should be and use that on your resume. Having a fresh goal is a great way to motivate yourself and to focus your career aspirations.

Update Your Employment History:

Just as it's important to provide a potential employer with a current objective, it's important that you always have the most recent and relevant information on your resume. By updating your resume as you grow in a position, you're able to take advantage of all the skills and experience you are gaining at your current job. Remember too, to update your job title as it evolves.

Every few months, review the description you have for your current employment listing. Modify it as you need, including your most recent accomplishments and skills. By doing this on a regular basis, you highlight your most marketable and transferable skills. If you were to wait until you needed your resume to update your skills, you might forget critical accomplishments you've had.

Keeping Current:

Jargon and terms can change frequently in the corporate world. Businesses change names, acronyms evolve, and software versions get updated. It's important to have the most current wording and phrases on your resume otherwise, your resume could look dated, making you look dated too. Remember to update your skills by ensuring you've listed current software program versions and operating systems that you use.

It's critical to always have an updated resume. You never know when a job opportunity will present itself. By having a current resume (and lots of copies on hand), you are prepared and organized, ready to tackle the job search, with all your listed accomplishments and skills current and relevant.

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