Ready for a Career Change?

By Staff

If you are considering a career change, here are several suggestions you can keep in mind to help you achieve your new career goals.


Doing some research before you make a career change can save you a lot of time and energy. By knowing what skills you'll need, what the salary range is, and other information, you'll be better able to make an informed decision about the industry and what it takes to work in it. Try contacting an association that deals with the specific career you'd like to transition to. They will be able to provide you with plenty of information about what that career choice really involves. It's easy to glamorize a dream career but with some research, you can make a decision that will be based on facts. Other ways to discover more about a career include volunteering and finding a mentor in your new career choice. The insight you will learn can go a long way to helping you determine if this new career is right for you.


Once you've done some research into your new career, you'll be able to determine what sort of education you'll need. Can you apply the skills you have already, or will your new career require specific education? Where is the best training available? Can you get it in your local area or will you need to relocate?


Are you willing to look at all aspects of your new career? What if it takes you longer to achieve your career goals than you first thought? By being flexible, you'll increase your chances for success in your career transition. Don't be solely set in a very specific career path because often, as we explore career options, we discover opportunities we never considered. Being flexible means seeing opportunities and adapting them to suit our needs. It also means considering the lifestyle changes that will be brought on by your career change.


Changing careers should be about passion. What is the sense in changing careers if you aren't going to like it more than your current career? Changing careers isn't about making more money, pursing someone else's goals, or dreaming about job satisfaction. It's about passion and curiosity to see what else is out there that might bring you happiness and fulfillment.

By researching your career choice, you'll be prepared and you'll be able to determine if this new career really is your passion. By thinking ahead, you can help make the transition to a new career more easily. Remain flexible and open-minded, and remember to consider the education and lifestyle changes you'll likely need to make.

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