Company Research - What You Need To Know

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It's critical when you're looking for a job that you research the company you're applying for. It's a good idea in many ways and certainly worth the time investment.

Before You Send In Your Resume:

You've seen a position advertised by XYZ Company and the job sounds great. One of the first things you should do is research the employer. By having some knowledge about the company you are applying to, you'll have some idea if this is a company you are interested in. You'll also know if they are financially stable, how their business works, and what their business is. Then, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should apply for the position and whether or not you would seriously consider a job offer from this company.

At The Interview:

Want a better shot at answering those tough interview questions? Know the company you're interviewing for. Common interview questions like "Why should we hire you?" and "What do you think of our corporate culture?" are kind of hard to answer when you don't know anything about the company. If you want to come off more polished and prepared and give your interviewer answers with substance, take some time to research the company. Why should they hire you? Maybe because you've got extensive and direct experience dealing with the same type of products, vendors, and clients (if you do, of course!) How do you know what their major products are and who they deal with? You've researched it!

Finding out their corporate structure and how a company operates will help you decide how to answer questions by allowing you to place emphasis on those things the company views as important.

By having some knowledge of the company, your answers can be substantiated by not only explaining your past skills and experience, but by relating them to the company and its activities.

When you know a company's processes and hiring style, you'll also have a better idea of advancement opportunties and the potential for growth.

How To Research:

You can find information about about companies virtually anywhere. Look for the company's Web site, put their name through a search engine, or talk to colleagues and relatives. If the company is public, you can find out financial information and reports on their Web site or by visiting a financial Web site.

Being prepared is the first step in feeling confident in both applying for a job and in your success at the job interview. By researching a company, you'll be in a better position to answer tough interview questions and you'll be better able to relate your past experience to what the company is looking for.

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