How to Handle the Group Interview

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Facing a group interview or multiple interviewers can be a stressful ordeal if you haven't prepared for it. Here are some tips and suggestions for you on how to deal with multiple interviewers at once.

Be Prepared:

It's critical at a group interview to be prepared. There will likely be a panel of interviewers from different areas of the company that will quiz you. Each person will probably have a particular interest. An HR manager might want to know if you are a good fit for the company, the team leader of the office you are interviewing for might want to see your personality and if it fits with those currently working for him or her, and a supervisor's goals for the interview might be there to assess your skills.

By keeping this in mind, you can make sure that, during your interview, you showcase your skills, your personality, and your ability to be a part of the team.

Do Your Homework:

Because you will be interviewed by multiple people, it's critical that you've prepared. Make sure you fully understand the job description and what will be required of you should you get the job. Make sure you know your skills inside out and how they can be tied back to the position being offered. You should also know how the company works, its culture, and how they are structured.

Be Confident:

Being interviewed by a panel of interviewers is stressful stuff and the company wants to know if you can handle it. Practice a panel interview with a few friends before you have to do the real thing. Simulate the type of questions you might be asked and get a feel for how it is to be interviewed by different people. This is your opportunity to be interviewed by everyone at once. It could actually save you time and stress. By being confident and having the right mindset, you can turn this into a positive experience.


While at the interview, make sure you make eye contact with everyone. Take the time to respond to every question with thought and concentration. It's easy to be distracted with others there. Look directly at the person who asked you the question, but take the time to also make eye contact with the other interviewers. However, your attention should be predominately focussed on the person who posed you the question.

Things to Remember:

It's critical at a group interview that you treat everyone with the same respect. You don't necessarily know who the person making the final decision will be and it's just good manners. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible, so bring your smile, your positive attitude, and be prepared (bring extra resumes too.) By being able to handle everyone's questions with poise and skill, you can overcome the stress surrounding group interviews and turn your interview into a job offer.

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