Are You a Nurse Looking for Work?

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If you are in nursing and looking for a new opportunity, here are a few tips and suggestions to help you in your job search.

Where Would You Like To Work?

Opportunities for nurses exist in a variety of different venues. Make a list of all possible types of organizations that might be looking for nurses. Locales to consider might be seniors' homes, nursing homes, hospitals, visiting care nurse associations, large companies, schools, etc.

Once you've narrowed down the list to where you'd like to work, start looking for these organizations in your local area.

If you are interested in working for the provincial government, or you are interested in relocating, you might also want to visit the websites of provincial governments. These governments often list nursing opportunities in their province. Some even offer education incentives if you are interested in working for the province.

Make Some Calls:

Once you've decided on the opportunities you'd like to pursue, start making some calls. If you're interested in working in a hospital setting, call the Human Resources department of the hospital and ask them about the hiring process. Is hiring done through one central system, or does each hospital hire their own staff? What is the process for unionization? Remember to ask what levels of certification they require and what their hiring trends are.

Making calls also applies to nursing homes, extended care facilities, visiting nurses associations, etc.

Nursing is a valuable career skill, but it still requires an organized job search approach.

Decide What's Important:

Do you want to work in Canada, or overseas? Do you want to relocate because the salary is higher or your potential for advancement is greater? What's important to you?

Since nursing is an in-demand career skill, some countries pay incentives and bonuses to entice nurses to relocate. This can be a great learning experience and an opportunity to travel and discover new things. You don't need to limit yourself to traditional employment venues if you have a desire to travel or try new things.

If you prefer to stay in Canada, opportunities exist across the country, with each location offering its own advantages. Researching a location is a great way to help you determine salaries, cost of living, and opportunities for enjoying life outside of work.

If you are looking for work outside your province or country, remember to verify certification requirements.

Opportunities to work in the nursing field are extensive. From working in remote locations to busy city hospitals, nurses can live and work in a wide range of locales. A researched approach to your job search will help ensure you take advantage of available nursing opportunities, whether they be in a hospital, an oilfield, a school, or aboard a cruise ship.

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