How to Find Government Jobs in Canada

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Many people look towards to the government as a source of employment. You can work for the government in many capacities. From RCMP officer to janitor, and from scientist to policy analyst, the range of opportunities encompasses nearly every job type. You can also work abroad for the government, in foreign missions around the world, as a policy advisor, or as military or support personnel.

Finding a government job is all about where to look. You can find these jobs both online and offline, and in the three levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal.

Federally, the government has a centralized system for looking for work in the public service, through the PSC (Public Service Commission) website. It is available at and has an extensive listing of opportunities that are available at the federal government level.

You should also check the websites of the federal departments you wish to work for. For example, the RCMP website has information on current job openings, as does the Canadian Revenue Agency website. They also give detailed information on how to apply, and what's required when applying for these positions.

Finding working at the provincial and municipal levels of government requires you to visit the provincial and municipal websites of the specific area you'd like to work in. Again, visiting the websites of specific departments, especially for larger provinces is also a good idea.

Many of these job search sites offer a lot to the job seeker who is looking to work at a federal, provincial, or municipal level. Often, you can find student jobs as well as a place to enter your resume, and detailed instructions on how to apply.

You can also look for a government job offline in a few ways. If you have access to government offices in your region, pay them a visit. Many government departments, federal, municipal, and provincial list their job opening in their offices for the general public.

The offline job search also means networking with friends who already work for the government. They may be aware of positions that will be opening up, or hiring trends or requirements.

The draw of working for the government is usually the good work environment, benefits, and salary. If you have an interest in working for any of the three levels of government, start by deciding what sort of work you'd like to do. Then research the various department websites to see the jobs that are available. Since the positions at a government job can vary widely, make sure you check the qualifications you need before applying. Good luck!

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