Going on a House-Hunting Trip?

By Canadajobs.com Staff

You're job search was a success! You've accepted an offer for a new job in a new town and you're planning a trip to find the perfect house. What should you do first?


Looking online to scout neighbourhoods and property prices is a great way to start. In larger cities, there are lots of choices in location when selecting a new home. You must decide if you want to live in the suburbs or the city centre. Do you prefer an older neighbourhood with heritage homes or a new development? Doing your research online allows you access to a lot of information like housing prices, tax rates, schools, and crime statistics.

When selecting a neighbourhood, remember to consider the location of your work, your spouse's work, bus or train service, grocery stores, schools, access to services like high speed internet, water delivery, and anything else you might require.

Get Help:

Consider contacting a real estate agent before you go on your house-hunting trip. They can put together a list of potential properties based on the requirements you provide. They know the area a lot better than you do and they know the market. If you need a home by a specific date, make sure they are aware of your requirements. Be as specific as possible with what you can afford, the area you'd like to live in, and the type of home you'd like.

Consider Renting:

If you're unsure about a location or you can't find something you like, consider renting. This can save you from potentially costly mistakes if you don't have the time to house-hunt properly. The downside to this is that you'll have to move again once you do find the perfect house. Finding rental information and contacting rental agencies online is also very easy and a great way to see what's available in your new area. Rememeber that if you rent, you'll need to give notice before you leave. Make sure you're aware of the terms before you sign.

Be Prepared:

If you are on a tight deadline to buy a house, you may not have a lot of choice in what's available. Since you don't have the luxury of waiting for the market to tilt in your favour or waiting for the right house to come up for sale, you may end up spending more than you wanted. By doing your research ahead of time, you may be able to alleviate this a bit by adjusting your price range and by consulting a real estate agent. Of course, renting first also takes a lot of pressure off having to make a rushed decision.

Last Minute Tips:

Put together a list of areas you'd like to visit during your house-hunting trip. This can save you time and money.

Schedule house visits with a realtor in advance.

Print out a map or buy one and plan out your itinerary. If you are on a limited schedule, this will allow you to visit as many houses and areas as possible.

Keep notes. It might be clear in your head now, but once you get back home and try to remember every house you saw, it might be a big blur. Taking pictures and great notes will help you. Remember to note the distance to services and your workplace.

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