Overworked and Overwhelmed?

By Canadajobs.com Staff

Are you constantly stressed at work? Feeling overburdened by your job or your responsibilities can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and powerlessness. Here are some tips and suggestions if you are feeling the strain of overwork.

Acknowledge It:

It's not easy to admit we can't do everything. We'd like to be able to keep on top of our work, but sometimes, it just isn't possible. If you can admit that you need help, it will go a long way to relieving the stress you are feeling. Make a list of all your responsibilities and fingure out which ones are causing you to be overworked.

Talk About It:

If you can, talk to you supervisor and let them know how you are feeling. Go about it in a professional manner. Explain that you are feeling overworked and you'd like to work with them at finding a solution. If they are unaware, explain the responsibilities you have. By being proactive and letting them know, you are giving them the opportunity to help you. Keep notes on when you talk to them and what was discussed, especially if they relieve you of some responsibilities.

Look For Solutions:

Work with your supervisor at finding solutions to your feelings of being overworked. Keep in mind that they might not be able to reduce all your issues. Maybe they were unaware of the burdens that were placed on you. By telling them and working with them at finding a solution, it can help you feel less anxious about your level of responsibility.

Solutions might involve work-sharing, delegating some of your extra activities to others, or hiring extra staff at certain times of the year.

Stay Positive:

When we feel overworked, it's easy to complain, especially if we're tired and anxious. Resist the temptation to whine with your colleagues or to blame management for your situation. By staying positive, you show your employers that this really is a problem for you but you are willing to work with them at finding a solution. Complaining can detract from your cause because no one sees the issue, they just hear the complaints.

By acknowledging your overwork and finding solutions to it, you can lessen some of the burdens you feel. By telling someone that can help and working with them, you can go a long way towards feeling supported at work.

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