How To Relax on Your Day Off

By Staff

Whether your work is stressful or not, it's important to make time for yourself. Often, we get caught up in our work duties and don't give ourselves time off from work.

In order to make sure we don't burnout or become too absorbed with our job, it's important to appreciate those times away from work. If you find yourself constantly thinking about your job, even on your time off, here are some suggestions on enjoying your time away from your office.

Do Something You Enjoy:

When was the last time you really did something you like? Do you enjoy certain hobbies or sports? What aren't you doing them? Nurturing yourself is the best way to make sure you have a balanced work and home life. Find something you like doing and take it up. Participating in a sport of hobby with other people gives you a fresh perspective, a new group of friends, and a diversion away from your regular routine.


Does every one of your chores really have to be done this weekend? Make a list of the most important things you want done on your time off and prioritize. Do those really important things you feel have to get done, but let the others slide if you can. If you need to, fit some of those things into your work week, so that when the weekend rolls around, you are free from obligations.

Leave Room For Fun:

We get caught up in our life and we often forget to have fun. Have a pillow-fight with your kids, go fly a kite at the park, or take out the finger-paints and make pictures with your kids. Adding laughter and humour to your life is the perfect way to bring back the fun. Just go at it and don't worry about making a mess.

Don't Take On Too Many Commitments:

What's the point in having time off if you can't enjoy it? Filling your downtime with other "projects" or things that have to be done puts a stress on you that you shouldn't have. Pare down your obligations and committments by participating in activities that are truly for you and not for everyone else around you. Taking time for yourself should be about doing what you enjoy, not about taking on more deadlines or obligations.

By applying the simple steps above, you can help regain a sense of balance in your life. If you are one of those people who thinks a lot about work even when you aren't at work, try to do something you enjoy on your time off. Putting the fun back in your life will do you a world of good.

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