Five Things To Discuss During Your Interview

By Staff

A job interview can be a stressful event. You're trying to remember what to talk about, and how to make sure the interviewer knows you're perfect for the job. What should you remember to mention? Here are some tips.

Your Skills:

Re-read your resume so all skills are fresh in your mind. Put an emphasis on the skill requirements of the interviewer and make sure they know you are capable of doing what is required. Some employers won't read the specifics of a resume, or will have missed or forgotten about it. Stressing your skills will help them remember why you should be hired.

Your Flexibility:

If you're flexible, let them know. If you can work late, can do overtime, or can work weekends or travel if you need to, tell them. Don't appear too eager because they may not have any need for you to work extra hours. But by letting them know of your availability, you present yourself as an attractive candidate.

Your Attitude:

Projecting a positive and professional attitude will leave a happy memory in the minds of your interviewers. A can-do approach to work is always welcomed by employers. Give yourself a pep-talk before you go in and tell them that you're a hard worker, you're cheery, and you'd enjoy working for them.

Your Willingness to Learn:

Since most jobs evolve over time, you want to showcase your willingness to learn new skills. Make sure you tell them about programs or tools you've learned and retained in your past jobs. They'll likely be impressed by your willingness to adapt and to learn new things. It shows a strong work ethic and talent.

Your Interviewer's Needs:

If you've got the skills they're looking for, tell them. If you fulfil the requirements of the job ad, make sure you stress how you fulfil them. Make sure your interviewer's needs and requirements are met. They want to know that the person they hire will be a perfect fit and will have everything it takes to do the job. By stress your skills and how you fulfil their particular needs, you're telling them to hire you.

It's important to bring forth some of your best qualities at a job interview. Your skills, your flexibility, and your ability and willingness to learn new things are usually key requirements in an interviewer's list of needs. By fulfilling these needs and telling them how you can do the job, you are projecting your capacity to do the job.

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