The Quick and Easy Job Search

By Staff

Someone asked us the other day how to find a job quick and easy. While there is no simple solution to finding a job, we've put together some tips and ideas that you can use. You can apply them whether you're a student looking for summer work, or if you're looking to transition to another employer or field.

Ask Around:

Tell those around you that you are looking for a job. Most people have been there themselves and are willing to help. Be sure to them them the kind of work you want and what you're qualified to do. Ask your employed friends if they can drop off your resume at their company's HR office. Tell anyone that might be in a position to help.

Have an Updated Resume With You at All Times:

You never know where you'll be. Any location can turn into an opportunity. Whether you're at a mall, an office building, or out having lunch with a friend, have a few copies of your resume with you.

Go After What You Want:

If you want to work at a certain company, send in your resume. They may not be advertising, but they might still be hiring. Make sure your resume is concise and addressed properly. Check their website for the latest in their job postings.

Be Flexible:

If you want a job quick and easy, you're going to need to be flexible and ready to make some concessions. Don't get any job you can, because the goal is for you to be happy and not have to switch jobs again in two weeks. But there are other ways to be flexible. You may have to start by working a shift no one wants or you may have to leave your current job quickly. Being flexible means compromising on minor details that will, in the end, give you what you want; a job you enjoy and can have for a long time.

Be Creative:

Use your creativity to find ways to tap into opportunities. Look for jobsearch sites that are specific to your job industry or look for ways to incorporate your skills into a new field that might be hiring more. For example, if you are an assistant in an office and you're interested in working in the medical field, you might look for opportunities as an office assistant in a busy doctor's office. You may not need specific medical experience and you could learn new skills that will likely keep you employed in this field.

By being creative, flexible, and willing to advertise your skills, you may just find the job you are looking for, quicker and more easily than you ever thought possible.

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