Working Overseas - For the Beginner

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Looking for a job overseas can be a challenge, especially for the first time traveller. If you've decided you want to try something new and you're considering working abroad, here are some suggestions.

Go With What You Know:

Finding a job with a Canadian-based employer that operates overseas can make your experience easier. You'll be able to attend interviews and gather more information about the job while you are still in Canada.

If you have limited experience traveling, and aren't very familiar with different regions of the world, look for a region that is predominately English-speaking. Adjusting to a new area and having to learn a new language can be a double challenge.

As well, look for a job that will utilize your skills and take advantage of your past experiences. Going overseas to work should help your career and benefit you in the future.

Get Help in your Job Search:

You might also want to consider looking for a job through an employment or placement agency that has overseas assignments. Often, agencies and recruiters can provide a valuable service in dealing with your future employer and in giving you information about the necessary documentation, visas, etc.

Try the Direct Approach:

If you want to work at a specific company in one of their overseas locations, visit their website. Often companies don't post jobs anywhere but their company website and it's a good opportunity to see what openings are available around the world.


Canadian government departments often have positions available overseas. Check their website. The advantage of working for the government in an overseas position is the amount of support and assistance available. Different departments recruit for different jobs, so make sure you check the all the departments you are interested in.

Consider Volunteer Assignments:

Though there won't be any money involved, volunteering overseas through a Canadian agency or organization can be a great way to get your feet wet and to try traveling and working abroad. You'll gain valuable insights into what it's like to work abroad, and you might not necessarily have to commit to a contract or a specific time frame.

Working abroad for the beginner can be a rewarding experience if you keep in mind some simple suggestions. Consider working for a Canadian employer with overseas offices. Consider working for the government or using the services of a recruiter. Both these offer support and information that can be vital to your success overseas. Volunteer assignments are a great way to test your capacity for working overseas in a different environment and may not carry all the obligations that a paying job might.

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