Last-Minute Resume Checklist

By Staff

You found the perfect job and you're ready to send off your resume. Before you do though, have a look at these five not-to-be-missed tips to ensure you get off to the right start.

Spell-Check and Proof-Read:

You've heard it before, but you really can't forget to do this. Spell- check your resume before you hit send. Re-read it carefully to ensure that you are using the proper words in the proper instances. Spell check doesn't necessarily catch the wrong use of words, like "it's and its" or "there and their." These can be accidentally interchanged and you end up with a resume that makes an unfavourable impression.

Where Is It Going?

And to whom? Make sure you've got the correct contact information when you send in your resume. If you get it wrong, it may never make it into the right hands. Make sure you spell the recipient's name correctly. A lot of people get insulted when you spell their name wrong, and if they have a non-traditional way of spelling their name, and you get it right, they notice.

Cover Letter:

A cover letter is essential. Think of it as introducing yourself. In your cover letter, make sure you describe some of your experience as it relates directly to the job advertisement. Make it short and sweet. Most employers just scan and read the important bits so make sure that whatever you write is need-to-know information. A resume without a cover letter shows you haven't put the time in to address each employer individually.

Does it Look Good?

Take a quick look at your resume. Is it proportioned correctly? Is there white space evenly around it? Is the font clear and easy to read? Always use a simple font on clean and crisp white paper when printing up your resume. Make sure that if you use bullets to outline and show work experience that they are all aligned and are easy to read.

Contact Info:

Make sure you make it easy for employers to reach you. Include your vital contact information like a phone number and e-mail address. If you are only reachable at your phone number in the evenings, say so. You don't want your potential employer trying to call you every day and not getting an answer. They will likely quit after a few days and move on to someone else. If you don't have email, get some. There are free services that you can sign up with like Hotmail that are perfect for the job hunt. Make sure you get an appropriate email address that is professional, like your first initial and last name. For the purposes of job hunting, avoid unprofessional email addresses like "soccerfanatic1285@something" or ilovebritneyspears@something. It does nothing for your job hunt.

Before you send out your resume, check out these tips to make sure you send out the best possible respresentation of yourself.

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