Jobs For Those Who Enjoy Working the Night Shift

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Do you like being up late at night? Are you looking for a job that will be more suited to you?

If you are looking for work that is predominately overnights or late evenings, we've got some suggestions for you. The good news is not a lot of people like working late nights and early mornings and companies sometimes offer premiums to work nights. Consider both these entry-level and professional career choices.

Entry Level:

Restaurants and Bars

If you like the nightlife and have great people skills, a good entry-level job might be one related to entertainment. Bars, clubs, and restaurants employ a lot of staff to keep them going late into the night. From bouncers, to cooks, to DJs, and bartenders, a lot of workers help ensure the success of these operations.


A lot of companies operate at night but we'd never know it. Many warehouses receive stock at night as do places like grocery stores and major department stores. These jobs are great for those who like working late nights.

Consider too working for a courier company. Many jobs at their hubs are overnights.

Call Centres

Many call centres operate 24/7 and need staff overnight. Call centres need phone reps or CSRs, technical support reps, supervisors, and managers. If you enjoy this type of job, look for a call centre that offers a premium for working night shift and that can offer you consistent night shift work.


Emergency Workers

If you are looking for a challenging career that operates nights as well, look no further than emergency workers. From electrical and power plant maintenance to police officers, emergency workers are available to work 24/7 and can be in exciting situations whatever the hour. Jobs like these range from EMTs and ambulance personnel, to doctors, nurses, orderlies, and police civilian workers like dispatchers.


Guarding buildings, offices, or money is another job that operates at night as well as daytime. Security officers are often required nights to watch security systems, secure construction and building sites, and provide safety in hospitals, prisons, and bars.


Most trucking is done in the evenings and overnight. If you enjoy driving and can work on a deadline, this overnight job might be worth considering.

Media Jobs

From newspaper print staff to hosting the early show on television or radio, a lot of media jobs start very early in the morning. Consider this type of job if you like working with the public, can pay attention to details, and are friendly and motivated.


If none of these jobs interest you, you might want to consider entrepreneurship. Being in business for yourself provides you with some freedom as to what hours you would like to work. Keep in mind that depending on the industry you work in and how many clients or people you interact with, you might have to work around their schedules as well, which might limit your choice of hours. Choosing a business that allows you to be flexible can reduce your need to work on others' schedules.

Many industries rely on night workers for their smooth daytime operations. Whatever you choose, there are a lot of options when it comes to working night shift.

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