Finding a Job in Your Field

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You've got your education and you're ready to go. Perhaps you've already worked in your chosen field but now you're looking for another challenge. Here are some tips in how to find a job in your field.

Seek Out Specialty Job Boards:

There are a lot of job opportunities online, and often, they are categorized by industry. Seek out job boards specific to your industry. The benefits to an industry specific job board are obvious. You won't have to spend a lot of time searching through job ads only to find they don't have any jobs you are interested in.

Join a Professional Organization:

If your chosen career field has a professional association or organization, consider joining it. You'll be kept in the loop on developments in your industry, new training initiatives, and maybe even find out who's hiring. It is a great way to stay current on developments in your career field.


Along with joining a professional association, networking with others in your career field is a great way to stay ahead of the game. By being in contact with others, you can be offered support and possible job leads when you're looking for work. Support will also help you when you aren't looking for work. It's a good way for like-minded individuals to promote and grow their careers.

Consider an Employment Agency:

Many employment agencies focus on a certain career type. By making your skills and resume available to them, you increase your potential job opportunities. It's the same principle as looking for a job on a career-specific job site. You want to maximize your potential job offers and have those that are looking for a job for you understand your career and be focussed on finding you a job in your field.

Think Outside the Box:

An accountant doesn't only need to be working at an accounting firm. Lots of companies in a wide range of industries look for accounting professionals. The same goes for a lot of other careers. If you are willing to be creative in your job search and expand your circle of opportunities, who knows where it can take you.

You've likely invested a lot of time, energy, and maybe money into finding the perfect career for you. Consider the tips above to help you find a job in your chosen field. By being creative, networking, and seeking out specific job search tools, you can help improve your chances of landing the job you want.

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