Students: Looking for a Sports-Related Summer Job?

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If you love sports, there's no reason why you can't make it a part of your summer job. Check out these ideas on how to incorporate your love of sports into a job.

Hockey in the Summer?

If you're into sports, particularly hockey, why not consider applying to work at a summer hockey school or camp? These jobs are perfect for students because they are usually only for the summer. They are also a great way to get experience in coaching and working with kids, especially if you are pursing a sports, recreation, or education degree.

Summer on the Green:

Golf courses need tons of help in the summer. From driving range attendants, to landscaping workers, to working in the pro shop, you'll be exposed to golfing all summer. It's a great way to get your foot in the door if you're looking at gaining some golf-related experience.

Life-Guarding and Swimming Instruction:

If you prefer being in the water, you should check out these two summer job options. They generally require more experience and certification than some other summer jobs, but they are a great way to combine your love of water with making some summer money. Opportunities for life-guarding and swimming instructors can be found at city pools, beaches, summer camps, and recreational facilities.

Indoor Sports Facilities:

There are lots of different opportunities at indoor sports facilities that can be great if you're into sports. You can work at skating rinks, bowling alleys, in a fitness centre, or at a pool. Jobs range from doing maintenance, customer service, or selling tickets for events. A good way to prepare for a job like this is to get First Aid Certification before you apply for a job, since many sports facilities require this.

Retail Sports Jobs:

If you love sports, why not consider applying to work at a retail store that focuses on sports? You'll have the valuable knowledge that will make it helpful for customers who are looking at getting sports equipment or information about starting a sport. You might also be offered an employee discount which could benefit you as well. Consider big box sports stores and traditional stores that have sports departments.

You don't have to sacrifice your love of sports when you're looking for a summer job. Just think creatively and look for opportunities that allow you to use your sporting skills.

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