Choosing A Career You'll Enjoy

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It's a fact that many people are unhappy with their jobs. When I hear someone is unhappy with the work they've chosen to do, my question is always, "Why are you doing it then?" Their answers are always the same and I've outlined some of them below. I'm not advocating quitting your job. Rather, I'm advocating finding something you enjoy since we spend so much time at work. Doing something you enjoy helps create a career for life.

The Money is Good:

The money isn't all that good a trade-off if you are stressed about your job. If you constantly think of your work and the anxiety that it brings into your life, you are probably thinking about it at least 14 hours a day. Figure out how much you make in a day, after taxes, and divide it by 14. That's how much you really make an hour when you let yourself be stressed about your work all the time. The money is probably not as good as you thought it was. And in researching the job you'd really love, you may find that salaries are higher than you would have expected.

I'm Too Old To Change Jobs:

What?! If you are capable of working, odds are you are capable of learning a new skill. And, if you are capable of learning a new skill, you can learn a new job. It is never too late to follow your passion or dream. It doesn't need to be a life-changing event. You can start small by volunteering somewhere to make sure it's really what you want. There are lots of resources for people who are looking at making career changes.

I Can't Do That:

Why not? Take a look at what's really stopping you. Is it your own apprehension? Is it your fears or your perceived fears? Often we set up roadblocks for ourselves when they don't really exist. We imagine that it will take years of training, or schooling to make a career change. It might, but it might not. Maybe you have enough education already that can help you towards your goals. Maybe you're afraid your family won't be behind you or supportive. Ask them. Until you do, you can't really know for certain. If you think family obligations are keeping you from pursuing your dream career, there is always a way to make things work.

There's No Jobs in The Field I Want to Work In:

There are always people hiring in all sorts of fields. Maybe not as much as in others, but with baby boomers set to retire, think of the opportunities. How about going to work abroad where the market may not be as saturated? If you are confident, skilled, and motivated, there is always work to be had. You must be flexible to perhaps seek work outside the realm you are used to, whether that means looking at at other location or industry in which to work at your dream job.

I'm Just Complaining - It's Not That Bad:

Obviously it's bad enough for you to complain about and waste a lot of your energy on. Complaining is okay, but it should be constructive complaining that helps you identify problems and hopefully leads you on a path of solutions. Otherwise, it becomes psychologically draining. Figure out where you want to go and what needs aren't being satisfied by your current career. Then decide if you want to accept or change the situation around you.

Being happy with your career is about knowing yourself. If you find that you dislike your current career, take the time to explore options that will help you find your place in the world. Doing something you love for 8 hours a day is certainly better than the alternative.

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