Is Morale at Work Low?

By Staff

Making your job more fun and interesting can be a challenge sometimes. Depending on your work environment, some changes might be easy to make and some might take longer to implement. Here are a few things you can do to boost morale.

Be Positive:

Obviously, something attracted you to this job in the first place. Try to remember the enthusiasm you felt for your work the first week you started. Often, we get caught in a trap of hating our job when really, all that has changed is our outlook. Try listing the things you like about your job. Focus on those things by making them the primary reason you go to work. For example, if you love the interaction you have with clients, make your job about that. When you are dealing with clients, concentrate on them and focus on doing the best job you can for them. If you can turn your focus on the positives of your job, you'll minimize the impact the negatives have on you.

Go Team:

The people you work with have a great impact on how you perceive your job. Granted, there might not be much you can do with the people who make work less than enjoyable, but there's a lot you can do to feel better about it. Participate in work-related events, either on the job or after work hours. You'll feel like part of the team and you'll be able to see your office mates in a more relaxed environment. Seeing another side of someone can lead to empathy and a better understanding of why they are the way they are. You might not become best friends with everyone at work, but having interaction with others outside of work will help them understand you better too. Your office doesn't have any outside activities? Start some yourself. It can be as simple as having a barbeque.

Add Some Fun:

Depending on your work environment, how much fun you can have may vary but the basics are the same. Make people happy. For a small investment, you can bring in a treat on a random day. Whether it's dougnuts, candy, or some squares you bake at home, your office mates will appreciate the thought. Adding fun to your office can be as easy as getting together for lunch when someone at work celebrates a birthday, work anniversary, or a promotion. Plan a gift exchange during the holidays, or events to celebrate the end of a successful project. It takes initiative but there's always someone in an office who's keen on organizing fun events. If there isn't, consider yourself in charge.

Your happiness at work depends largely on your outlook. With a few simple changes like being more positive, enthusiastic, and fun-loving, you can make work more exciting and more enjoyable.

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