Want to Run Away and Join the Circus?

By Canadajobs.com Staff

Are you artistic, creative, and driven to entertain others? Never thought you could make a living as a performer? Think again.

You really can make a career out of whatever your heart is set on. Take the example of Cirque Du Soleil. With shows touring around the world, Cirque Du Soleil hires artists of every type imaginable. A quick tour of their website reveals they are looking for singers, actors, musicians, circus artists like contortionists and strongmen, and various athletes skilled in gymnastic sports like trampoline, tumbling, and synchronize swimming.

Not so limber? Cirque also hires "offstage" staff to support their artists. Everything from physiotherapists to talent scouts to immigration specialists and technical personnel. So even if you aren't an entertainer, you can still join the circus!

Ever considered working at an amusement park? Theme parks such as Paramount Canada's Wonderland hire performers, technicians, and artists to entertain their visitors every summer. Because most of these jobs are seasonal, they're perfect for students or those wanting to try out a career in entertainment.

If you love travelling or living abroad and you're artistic, why not consider working at a resort like Club Med? They hire artists like choreographers, set designers, dance instructors, and DJs to entertain their visitors. Many of their jobs are posted here on Canadajobs.com.

If you have the dedication, drive, and enthusiasm, you can find a career doing something you love. You can fulfill the artist in you by finding a job that's different and exciting. It just takes creativity, self-confidence, and the ability to look beyond traditional work environments.

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