Is Your Spouse Out-of-Work?

By Staff

Having your spouse out of work when both of you are used to working is difficult. It takes its toll on your family's finances and stress-level. It can also affect your significant other's self esteem.

What can you do to make this stressful time easier? Here are some suggestions.

Be There Emotionally:

Being out of work can be trying on your spouse. Because they are no longer able to contribute financially, they may feel deflated and frustrated. Be there to support them. It takes patience and time to find a job. You don't want to rush your spouse into finding another unsuccessful job only to have them dissatisfied with their new work. Encouragement, rather than nagging and pushing, will go a long way to helping your spouse find a job he or she will really love and will thrive at.

Take on Some Tasks:

You're busy too but there are little things you can do that go a long way towards helping your spouse. Offer to help with his or her resume. You know the skills your partner can offer to a company. Is he or she great at organizing events or a great closer? You can offer a perspective that others can't. You can pinpoint those great skills that your spouse might not know they have. You can also do little things like offer to proofread or copy your spouse's resume or highlight potential job offers in the paper. You can browse websites and send your spouse job postings. Remember, the less they feel alone in their efforts, the more relaxed they will be.

Help your Spouse Network:

If you help your spouse network, you can likely reach twice the amount of people he or she would be able to reach on their own. Makes sense, right? Let your co-workers know your spouse is looking for work. Ask them to talk to their spouses too. Ask people if they know of anyone who might be hiring or if they know of anyone who works at a company that your spouse might be trying to get into. Talk to neighbours, friends, and people at the gym. You never know who can help.

Being proactive by helping your spouse network is a great way to support them. Helping them with small tasks also goes a long way to showing that you care, that you are invested in their happiness, and you want them to succeed.

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