Five Ways to Prepare for a Career Fair

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There's a career fair coming to your city soon and you want to make the most of this opportunity. Here's how to get ready.


Find out what companies are going to be at the career fair and which ones interest you. You can usually find a list of exhibitors on the career fair's website. Research the companies by visiting their websites. Don't neglect the smaller companies and the less-well known ones as often they will have less applicants and you're odds may be better. Make a list of companies you'd like to work for according to Most Important, Important, and Somewhat Important. When you get to the career fair, get a map of the booths. Circle all the booths that are on your Most Important list. When you've seen all those, work your way down your Important and Somewhat Important list. This ensures that you visit all your choice jobs first while you are still full of energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

Have a Professional Resume and Bring Lots of Copies:

You will likely want to leave a resume with each person you talk to. Make sure your resume is perfect and is presented in a professional manner. Make sure it is up-to-date, clear, easy to read, and free of errors. Invest the money to have your resume copied at a print shop, instead of printing them off your computer at home. It will save you time and ink, and will help ensure all your copies are crisp and easy to read. And make a lot of copies. You should have at minimum enough copies so that every exhibitor has one. Keep in mind that some larger companies may have two or three divisions at the fair. Don't skimp on the copies because any leftover copies you can use in your future job search.

Dress Professionally:

Seems easy enough, but you can't stress this point too strongly. Make sure you are wearing an outfit suitable for a job interview, because essentially, that's what this is. Ladies, wear a smart business suit, or professional outfit. Remember to wear comfortable but stylish shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking. Tuck an extra pair of pantyhose in your purse. Men can wear a nice shirt and tie, dress pants, and a jacket and they will look ready for hire. Don't neglect your personal hygiene. Ensure you have fresh breath and good grooming. Keep perfumes and colognes to a bare minimum.

Know Your Stuff:

Make sure you are familiar with all the information on your resume. Be ready for any question that might arise from information on your resume. You should attempt to speak with everyone you leave a resume with, depending on how busy the fair is. As with any job interview, know your resume inside out.

Be Confident:

You are there to get a job and to sell yourself. Project a confident attitude. If you have confidence in yourself, you will project a positive, professional attitude. That's what employers want to see. Why should they hire you if you don't give them a reason? Take a few minutes before you enter the career fair to give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself that you have the abilities they are looking for. You are prepared, and you will succeed. And do it!

A career fair is a great opportunity to meet the essential hiring staff of a company. It's a chance to network, promote yourself, and learn about what companies have to offer. With a little preparation, a professional resume, and your best foot forward, it can be a very worthwhile endeavour.

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