Five Ways to Find an Unadvertised Job Today!

By Staff

A huge number of jobs are never advertised. How do you go about snagging one of these?


This is one of the best ways to find a job. Let people know you are looking for work. Tell everyone - your relatives, friends, neighbors, people at the gym. You can also talk to people who work at a similar position to the one you want. Let them know of your skills and credentials. Who knows when they may be asked to recommend someone for a job and your name will be fresh in their mind.


There's a couple of companies you've been looking at, but you don't see them advertising jobs in the paper or online. Find their website and check it out. Companies often post their job ads on their corporate site and don't advertise them anywhere else. A little digging might reveal they are hiring for your dream job.

Ask if a Company is Hiring:

If you are interested in working for a specific company, ask them if they are hiring. They may take your resume and keep it on file. The next time they are hiring, before they incur costs to advertise, they will look through their resumes first. And you'll be there.

Contact your Professional Organization:

If you belong to a professional organization or association, give them a call. Ask them if they are aware of any job opportunities with any companies in your field. They can be very knowledgeable about opportunities because often companies will go to them for advice on hiring or finding staff.

Contact your Local Chamber of Commerce:

They know of most businesses in a local region. They can help you find out who is hiring and who isn't. They can also inform you of new businesses (maybe a large company is coming into the area and is looking for staff) and put you in touch with business leaders. This gives you the opportunity to use your networking skills and to introduce yourself to those who make hiring decisions.

Finding unadvertised jobs is all about putting yourself out there and looking for opportunities. It's about taking the time to seek out your dream job even if no one is telling you how or where to apply. And the payoff can be very satisfying.

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