Looking for a Fresh Start?

By Canadajobs.com Staff

You've decided you're ready for a change. You want to move to another part of the country and find a new job. So, where do you go from here?


You really can't have too much information. Look for the websites of the community you want to live in and see what they have to offer. Check out the unemployment rate for the region. Make sure you have opportunties for advancement in your field. Find the major employers of the region and check out their websites too. You probably have a good idea of the work you would like to do and this helps narrow down the companies you could potentially work for. Make up a short list, check out their job openings and start applying.


If you want to move first, then find work at your new location, you will need to make sure you have enough money set aside. Budget for how long you think it might take you to find work, then double or triple it. Remember to include damage deposits for your new apartment or money for a hotel if you are looking to purchase a home. Remember too that it might take up to a month before you get paid by your new employer, and that's after you get hired. Add in the moving costs, utility hook-up charges, and new furnishings and you can see it adds up quickly.

Get Help:

When you arrive at your new town or city, consider contacting an employment or placement agency. They operate without charging you fees and will try to find you work. They also know who is hiring and what they are looking for. Make sure you have an updated resume with your most current employment listed. Also, be prepared to answer why you've decided to move and what brings you to your new location. Be honest, but make sure it sheds the best possible light on your situation. If you have friends in the area, make sure they know you are looking for work. Network!

Making a move to a new community is sometimes exactly what is needed. A fresh start, a new outlook, and new opportunities can make a world of difference. With a little research and preparation, you can make it a smooth transition.

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