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Top Five Job Search Tips
2007-09-26 6:46 AM (Pacific) / 9:46 AM (Eastern)
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Today we're doing something different. Instead of telling you about a company that's hiring, we're giving you our 5 best job tips.

Tip #1

Always have your resume up to date. If you're browsing online or the want ads or you run into someone who tells you about the perfect job opportunity, you need to be prepared. Having your resume up to date will help you apply for a job faster and might help you avoid missing an important application deadline. If you don't have an updated resume, now's the tip to work on it.

Tip #2

Network. If you are looking for a job, tell people about it. Nearly every social gathering is an opportunity. Tell people what you are looking for.

Tip #3

Know what you want. This will cut down considerably on the time you spend looking for a job. When you meet people, you'll be able to specify what you're looking for. Knowing what you want, the salary range you would like, and the locations that you are open to are critical to helping you find a job.

Tip #4

Be professional. When you are speaking to someone about looking for a job, you need to be thinking that this person could be in a position to hire you. That means being able to present yourself in a well-spoken manner and being confident. I was recently speaking to someone at a wedding, who was looking for a job. This person was confident and projected herself well. I have no doubt she will find something soon, especially with her networking skills. And finally...

Tip #5

Do it. No one wants to hear you whining about how much you hate your job. If you aren't happy at your job, if you aren't at all passionate about what you're doing, it shows. You are only doing a disservice to yourself and to your present company by doing a job you don't like. Get your ducks in a row; work on your resume, fix your attitude, find out what you want, and get out there. Only you have to power to change your life.

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