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Jobs at Sun Microsystems of Canada
2007-07-26 6:41 AM (Pacific) / 9:41 AM (Eastern)
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This I.T. company is hiring at these various locations across Canada (Calgary, Markham, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver.)

They are looking for various skills sets as they relate to the high tech industry. These include Privacy Officer (Vancouver), Identity & Access Architect (also in Vancouver), Financial Analyst (Markham), and Account Executive (Ottawa.)

There are more jobs on the website and more information about working for this company. If you're a techie or you like that environment, check out what's available at Sun Microsystems.

Hiring at The Conference Board of Canada
2007-07-25 10:22 AM (Pacific) / 13:22 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: government, management, ottawa

This organization, based in Ottawa, studies economics, public policy, and provides information to Canadian business, government, and other organizations.

Since The Conference Board of Canada deals with policy and economics, it is looking for staff with experience in these areas, as well as experience with working in not-for-profit organizations and marketing.

They are currently looking to recruit for these positions: Principal Research Associate (Technology & Innovation), Senior Manager, Executive Networks (Organizational Excellence Research Group), Conference Marketer (Conference Programs - 2 positions), Research Associate (Canadian Tourism Research Institute), and Executive Conference Developers - Contract (Conference Programs.)

Most of these positions require advanced post-secondary experience, with emphasis on Economics and/or Public Policy.

If this sounds like your experience, why not take a look at what's available at The Conference Board of Canada.

Black's is Career Opportunities
2007-07-25 6:19 AM (Pacific) / 9:19 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

The photography icon, Black's, is looking for full time and part time staff for its many locations across the country. Most locations are in malls, so if you are looking for a retail-related position, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are openings for photography lab operators, store and sales associates, and assistant store managers. They are also looking for a full time store manager to operate their West Edmonton Mall location.

You get your pictures developed there, why not work there too?

For more information, visit Black's. The career opportunities button is on the bottom left.

Petro-Canada Jobs
2007-07-24 7:46 AM (Pacific) / 10:46 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: oil, alberta, across canada

Did you know Petro-Canada is hiring? Currently, they have about 30 positions available. Many are in Calgary and Fort McMurray, but there are some positions in Mississauga, one in St. John's NF, some in Edmonton and another in Fort St. John, BC.

The jobs range in type from a Training Coordinator, to Warehouse Person/Parts Technician, to Geologists and Engineers. There is a wide variety of positions available. While some require oil/gas experience, some do not, and it might be the perfect opportunity for someone looking to break into this field.

There's lots of information about working for this company on their webiste. The closing dates on these positions vary, so if you're interested, check out the Petro-Canada website.

IDC Canada Careers
2007-07-24 6:57 AM (Pacific) / 9:57 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: consulting, IT, toronto

IDC provides advice and market information to the Information Technology sector in Canada. Their Canadian office is in Toronto.

They are currently looking for three analysts: Senior Analyst, Financial Services, Senior Research Analyst, Canadian Application Development and Infrastructure Software, and a Senior Research Analyst, Canadian Security Market.

They are also seeking a Consulting Director.

If this sounds like something that interests you, There's lots of job information on the IDC Canada website.

Tim Hortons and You
2007-07-23 9:54 AM (Pacific) / 12:54 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

Did you know that there are lots of available jobs at Tim Hortons, both storefront and corporate?

It's easy to find the retail jobs on the Tim Hortons website. There is also a lot of information about job descriptions, their scholoship program, and the benefits and rewards of working there.

Corporate jobs at Tim Hortons encompass a few different departments, from tax, to operations, to information technology.

Currently, positions are across Canada and include such career fields as architecture (store design,) project management, senior financial analysis, and information technology. Here's where to find more information about Tim Hortons corporate jobs.

Jobs For the Musically Inclined
2007-07-23 6:39 AM (Pacific) / 9:39 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, arts, across canada

Canada's largest musical instrument retail store chain, Long & McQuade, is looking for staff to work at their store locations throughout the country.

For example, they are looking for a cello teacher in Ottawa, piano and voice teachers in Waterloo, and brass teachers in Oshawa.

They also have in-store positions like a full time band salesperson in Surrey, someone to work in the drum sales department in Mississauga, and a Manager for the Electronic Service Department in Toronto.

Think this might be you? Check out the employment page of Long & McQuade.

Careers at Chevron
2007-07-20 10:38 AM (Pacific) / 13:38 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: oil, calgary, engineering

Chevron Canada Ltd. is looking for people in the oil and gas industry. Currently, on the website, there are openings for a Drill Site Manager, Drilling Engineer, Completions Engineer, Facilities Engineers, and a Reservoir Engineer. These positions are based in Calgary.

If you have the qualifications for these positions, it might be worth your while to check out the Chevron website.

They also have job postings around the world for the more adventurous.

You can check out what they do and where their operations are by visiting their career section.

Working at The Source
2007-07-20 6:10 AM (Pacific) / 9:10 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: retail, across canada

When I was a kid, they called it Radio Shack. But now, it's called The Source by Circuit City. Maybe they changed it just to confuse me but I would assume they had other reasons to do it.

Anyways, if you want to work there, here are 3 ways to get hooked up.

1. Go to their Web site to find job opportunities at the company. They include a Copywriter job in Barrie, ON, which sounds like an interesting job. In Barrie, they're also looking for some other staff including an Intermediate Accountant and a Shipping Supervisor.

If you're looking for a job as a Sales Associate, they've got positions listed throughout the country, from Vancouver, White Rock and Vernon, BC (there are lots of other cities in BC, just not enough space to list them all) to Charlottetown, PEI, Moncton, NB and Amherst, NS on the East Coast.

I mentioned 3 ways. The second way, if you're looking for a retail job as a sales associate is to check out the store where you want to work. They'll often post a note by the entrance mentioning they're looking for staff.

The third way is to get dressed nicely (make an effort, will ya?) and print up a nice resume. Walk (or drive or take the bus... - I don't really care how you get there - the result will be the same, as long as you can get to the store)... and ask to speak to the manager. The manager is usually working in the store, especially during the week. Ask them if they're hiring and if they're not, ask if you can leave your resume.

Just rememeber when speaking with them, not to call it Radio Shack. It's called The Source by Circuit City. Maybe one of these days, I'll remember that too.

Rogers Careers
2007-07-19 9:20 AM (Pacific) / 12:20 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: telecommunications, media

Rogers, the telecommunications giant in Canada is hiring for various positions across their company.

There are call centre positions, finance and accounting careers, and retail positions. There are also positions with their various media organziations.

Do you have a minimum of three years on-air radio experience? Why not apply for their opening at Jack-Fm in Victoria? They are looking for a midday announcer. But hurry, the position closes July 27, 2007. They are also looking for a radio producer in Lethbridge. That position closes August 11, 2007.

Want more info? The Rogers career page has all the info.

Working at Accenture
2007-07-19 6:19 AM (Pacific) / 9:19 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: call centre, consulting, across canada

Accenture currently has over 100 jobs on their website, right now. Jobs range from recuiting specialists to finance and performance management consultants.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. They recruit professionals with all sorts of skill sets and experience.

You can view their general jobs on their website.

There are also some customer care positions that we wanted to bring to your attention. Accenture is hiring across Canada at several of its customer care centres. Their centres are located in Fredericton, Niagara, Calgary, Burnaby, and Vernon. For more information about what's available and what the jobs are like, visit their Customer Care Openings website.

HP is Hiring!
2007-07-19 6:12 AM (Pacific) / 9:12 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: IT, manufacturing, across canada

Interested in working for the computer giant Hewlett-Packard? They are currently hiring at their locations around Canada.

Most jobs are concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area, but there are quite a few in different areas of the country, such as Calgary, Montreal, Richmond BC, and even Chicoutimi, QC.

The website has extensive information on working at HP, benefits, and a student and graduate section.

Current (at time of writing) positions include Technical Support, Product Engineers, and a Customer Care Manager.

They even offer several intern positions in Mississauga.

You know where to go for all the details. The jobs link is in the bottom grey bar.

Brookfield Properties Job Opportunities
2007-07-18 9:05 AM (Pacific) / 12:05 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: real estate, toronto, ottawa, calgary

This commercial real estate company owns and operates many office buildings across North America and they are currently looking for staff in several large Canadian cities, namely Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

At their executive offices in Toronto, they are seeking among others, an Executive Assistant, a Coordinator (Receiving), and a Corporate Host.

Their Calgary office needs a Building Services Technician, a Security Officer, and a Property Accountant, as well as several other staff.

In Ottawa, they are looking for a Third Class Engineer with HVAC operation and maintenance experience.

The Brookfield Properties Corporation website has all the details.

Want to Work for Aeroplan?
2007-07-18 6:01 AM (Pacific) / 9:01 AM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: call centre, montreal, vancouver

There are some interesting employment opportunities at Aeroplan, the loyalty rewards company.

For example, they are looking for a Manager, Employee Performance at their Montreal customer contact centre. They are also looking for contact centre agents in Montreal. Both these positions require bilingual candidates. They have several other jobs in Montreal as well.

There are currently two positions open in Vancouver. One is a Coordinator, Workforce Planning and Operations and the other is for contact centre agents.

Interested? Their website has all the details.

It's Fun to Work at the YMCA!
2007-07-17 9:33 AM (Pacific) / 12:33 PM (Eastern)
Permanent Link) Tags: recreation, niagara, ontario

According to their website, the YMCA of Niagara is one of the largest YMCAs in Canada. They have a staff of over 1000 in more than 90 locations across Niagara.

They are currently looking for part-time staff at their Welland, St Catharines, and Niagara Falls locations.

Currently, positions range from Aquatics staff to Housekeeping staff.

They also offer volunteer positions for those interested.

You can find more information on their website.

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